How to install Rimworld Mods

Author: wslav

One of the few things Ludeon Studios has made more or less convenient is the process of installing mods in their only game.
It is so simple that the process of describing it takes only a minute.

So, To install a mod for Rimworld, you need to place the folder from the archive in the following folder on your system: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\294100

Then restart the game and the mod should appear in the list of mods. Now you can enable it. If you already had a colony, you may need to create a new one for the mod to work. It depends on the mod.

Also, pay attention to the order in which mods are loaded, because it's important, as with many other moddable games. Mods may not work correctly and interfere with the game or other mods if placed in the wrong place in the queue. There are also simply incompatible mods.

mods list, load order
Also note that the more mods you install, the slower the game will load to the main menu, depending on your computer's power and other factors.

Mod conflicts, debug log

It should also be noted that some mods may require the installation of other mods or even the installation of a paid DLC.