How to install vehicle mods for Stormworks: Build & Rescue

Author: wslav

After reading this article, you will learn how to install stormworks vehicle mods.

There are different types of mods in the game and the installation process depends on them.

Vehicle mod

Navigate to the game folder then open the following folder: rom -> data -> preset_vehicles_advanced
Now open the archive window, there will be a subfolder in it. Extract the files from this folder to the preset_vehicles_advanced folder. As with the other files in this folder, it is recommended that you rename the two new files to something you can understand and remember.
We've done installing the mod. The mod should now appear in the game. To check this and spawn the vehicle, go to the workbench, press the Load button (top left), and open the presets tab. The mod you installed will appear there. It's also recommended to play in sandbox mode to be able to freely use any vehicle at no cost.

The process of installing mission mods will be slightly different, we will cover it in another article.