Rimworld: A brief review

Author: NotEve

RimWorld is a colony simulation game developed by Ludeon Studios. The game is set in a distant future where the player controls a group of survivors on a distant planet. The player must manage the colony's resources, build structures and facilities, and keep the colonists alive and healthy while dealing with various challenges such as disease, hunger, and raiders.

The game features a randomly generated world, so every playthrough is different. The player must manage the colony's resources, including food, medicine, and materials, to keep the colonists alive and healthy. The player can also build structures and facilities such as homes, hospitals, and farms to improve the colony's survival chances.

The game features a complex AI storyteller system that generates random events and challenges for the player to deal with. This can include natural disasters, raiders, and disease outbreaks, among others. The player must also manage the colonists' needs, including their mental and physical health, and their relationships with each other.

RimWorld also features a deep and complex crafting system, where players can create and modify various items, weapons, and structures, using the resources they gather.

The game's graphics are simple and retro-inspired, but its mechanics are deep and complex, making RimWorld a challenging and engaging game. The game's AI storyteller system, random events and the colony management system make it a unique experience every time you play. RimWorld is a perfect game for players who enjoy strategy, management and survival games.