The best Stormworks mods. Part one: Search And Rescue vehicles

Author: wslav

Stormworks is a game where the player needs to build and improve their own vehicles in order to carry out missions on them mainly for rescuing people and eliminating accidents.
Spending dozens of hours in the vehicle editor can be interesting at first, but if you are bored or do not like this process, or if you need something reliable and fast right now, the mods from this article will help you.
Over the course of several weeks of playing the game, I have collected several favorite transport mods, each for its own purposes, each with its own advantages, but also disadvantages. I'm going to write about my most favorite mods, although I am sure that among all the mods there are still quite a few good replacements for them.


The Valkyrie is one of the most comfortable VTOL planes I've come across. To start it, just press two buttons. It also has some built-in and useful features, from having multiple places for transporting people to built-in landing magnets and a water cannon. It can also automatically gain altitude if there are obstacles in front of the plane in autopilot mode.
Top speed is 400 knots per hour with external tanks or around 430 knots on average without.
Perhaps the only drawback is not too advanced autopilot.

GS-42 "Sea Sovereign"
The Sea Sovereign is my favorite air SAR transport in this game. It may not seem very easy to operate at first, but if you read the manual and learn the actually quite simple start-up sequence, you will love it.
The helicopter has an extra turbine for taxiing, so rolling it out of a hangar with a roof is usually not a big problem.
It has a slightly more advanced autopilot than the previous plane: for example, it can automatically hover in the air and eject rescue harness if the pilot somehow falls overboard. Also, the autopilot has the function of saving the position, which is quite important during rescue operations during a storm. But the main advantage of this helicopter is the ability to land on water and not sink, even with the doors open. To do this, the developer used some self-made magic blocks in the design of this helicopter, which I have not seen anywhere else. This makes rescue operations in the ocean much easier and more enjoyable.
Unfortunately, it does not have a built-in water cannon, but it is among the add-ons for this helicopter, you will have to connect it separately.
The maximum speed reaches about 300 knots.

Super Caracal
If you like bigger toys, then this monster is for you. This so-called helicopter is so huge that it has two floors that are connected by an elevator, as well as a cargo compartment capable of accommodating a truck. On the second floor there is a real field hospital, where you can also sleep yourself. Therefore, if you wish, you can arrange a mobile base on it for one or more players. It has so many different and complex functions that I didn't manage to learn even half of them in a few hours of flying. Suitable for transporting cargo of almost any size or rescuing entire villages. I once pulled a boat through the air on it for several dozen miles. However, I underestimated the local inertia, so when it came to a sudden stop near the destination, the boat collided with the helicopter and there was an air-water disaster, which resulted in a small forest fire...
Its speed is also about 300 knots, but its maneuverability is much lower than that of the previous helicopter.

Other vehicles

If for some reason aerial vehicles does not suit you at all or for the current situation, then here are some mods for water and land use.

NJ SAR High Speed Patrol Boat
This boat, in addition to common rescue functions, also has one important function, namely the function of manually adjusting the lift of the front part, which allows you to significantly increase its speed due to the reduction of water resistance. No match for air transport, but still the fastest boat I've seen.

R9D Amphibious Exploration & Utility Rover
Also a rather interesting and multitasking copy of the catalog of mods. It has quite a lot of different features on board. The maximum land speed is 150 kilometers per hour, and on the seabed it can reach up to 40 kilometers per hour.
It would probably be possible to find something more convenient and no less multi-purpose specifically for ground rescue operations, but I have not yet seen such a thing.

That's all for now. In the next part, we will look at military vehicles