Large Parking Garage / Car Park for Cities: Skylines

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Author: GCVos

Size (unpacked): 5.355 MB

Updated: 26 Sep, 2015 @ 5:25am

A large modern parking garage for all your stationary needs.
Place two of these in opposing directions to form a 14x14 block.


Update 26-9: This asset has been updated to work with the After Dark day/night cycle.

Update 4-9 - Check out my new and improved Small & Medium Parking Garage!

Alternate version with more props and lighting:


This garage is designed to fit into any type of city with a neutral concrete look and plenty of spots for cars to park. It will attract about 90 to 140 visitors* depending on your city. It also serves as a park with a minor entertainment boost in a 600 meter radius. This structure is best placed along roads with trees, as it will force more citizens to park inside instead of along the sidewalk. It may take some time before tourists arrive onsite, again depending on your city.

There's four entrances, two on each side. A road on the rear end will result in spaces on that side being filled more quickly. In general vehicles will be drawn to whichever side is closest to the road.

Service: Park
Cells: 14x7
Cost: 9000
Upkeep: 800/128/Week
Entertainment: 100
Range: 600
Electricity: 100

Model info:
650 polygons
1300 tris
1100 verts

2048x1024 diff/spec/illum

14x7 ploppable

* Note cities with large amounts of parks or monuments may interfere with the amount of visitors. This car park works best when there aren't too many other structures attracting tourists. Similarly there's no point in placing 12 of these expecting all of them to fill up completely, the game simply isn't designed to do so.