Metro Overhaul Mod (MOM) for Cities: Skylines

Here you can download Metro Overhaul Mod (MOM) mod for Cities: Skylines. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: sniggledigit

Size (unpacked): 133.837 MB

Updated: 15 Sep @ 2:14pm

Tags: Mod

Required mods: Metropolitan Depot Set of Ground Stations Set of Elevated Stations Advanced Stop Selection Revisited 2.0
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

Version 10 (10.0.3)

Thank you for scoping out the Metro Overhaul Mod. The main goals of this mod are:
  1. NEW Integrate and extend the functionality and versatility of the existing metro network.
  2. Add character to the metro network with new track styles, rendered tunnels and stations.
  3. Extend the functionality of metro with new UI's controlling track aesthetics, as well as underground station depth and length.
  4. Easily switch stations between Metro and Train
  5. Easily customize multitrack stations for metro and train services

    1. Subscribe to the mod and all required items listed on the right side.
    2. Ensure all the associated assets are enabled in the ingame Content Manager.
    3. Metro lines are built like tram lines. You must start by placing a depot (found in the metro menu). This is where metro cars spawn from.
    4. Build your stations, tracks, and lines the way you normally would, only this time, you can go above and below ground!.
    5. Set up your transport lines.
    For more info - check out the guide below in "Links"

    Unsubscribing (permanently)
    Ghost Mode. Enable Ghost Mode from options and then load and save your cities which use MOM. Then unsubscribe. You may also want to delete the m100 asset to get back the shorter vanilla metro cars. Keep in mind that if you intend on Resubscribing, make sure Ghost Mode is unchecked before starting your city.

    Special Thanks

    First and foremost I want to thank BloodyPenguin for building out the fabulous code base. Very talented. I learned a lot.

    I would also like to thank BadPeanut for his exclusive stations, MrMaison for his dedication to the Metropolitan Depot, bsquiklehausen for the default m100 rolling stock, TimTheTerrible for wonderful track models and Classic Pillars, and scoobyduped for the underground station rotation idea.

    Click here for the full collection of required items for version 10.0:

    For a Full Guide detailing everything you need to know about Metro Overhaul click here:

    Tip sniggledigit:

    For full transparency: BadPeanut is an employee at Colossal Order, however here they use their personal account and as such all opinions, content and contributions to the community reflect BadPeanut's own views and interests, and are not created nor maintained as part of their job. Like all user generated content, this is not officially supported content and should be used at your own risk.

    CLICK HERE: Check out the forum post: "Colossal Stories - Hiring Modders #4 - Bad Peanut"


    Follow These steps if you believe this mod is causing you problems:
    1. Open Content Manager and go to the Mods Panel, disable all except the mods listed under required mods in the side panel on this page
    2. In Content Manager, go to the Asset Panel and disable all except the assets listed above in the description and those in the required assets on the side panel of this workshop page
    3. Quit to Desktop
    4. Verify Game Cache
    5. Launch the game
    6. Start a new game 100% vanilla - DLC allowed but no other mods other than specified.
      test thoroughly the mod to see if it presents the same problem (yes you may have to play and build a quick test city to do so)
    7. If the problem still persists, please upload the same vanilla save file you tested in making sure you have not used any other custom assets (so they don't disappear when we load it) and paste a link to the savegame in the discussion thread "Troubleshooting Savegames". Savefiles uploaded on third party servers will not be accepted.

    If you do not complete these steps and submit a savegame we cannot help you.

    Tip sniggledigit:


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