Remove Need For Power Lines for Cities: Skylines

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Author: Overhatted

Size (unpacked): 0.022 MB

Updated: 8 Dec @ 7:07am

Tags: Mod

Required mods: Harmony 2.2.2-0 (Mod Dependency) [1.16.0-f3 compatible]
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

This mod removes the need for power lines.

If you also don't want to waste time laying down pipes you can use my Remove Need For Pipes mod.

How it works
This mod works simply by storing the energy produced in a small buffer and then distributing it to buildings that consume it.

To report any bug please post a comment with a link to the output_log.txt
Any comments saying the mod does not work with no link to the log file will be deleted.

Source code

This mod uses the Harmony library.