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All Spaces Unlockable

What it doesAll 25 areas can be purchased (per default only 9 out of 25 can be purchased). Anyway, its price is not rised when you buy more than 9 tiles, but here is a mod that do this correctionThe last Milestone (13) adds the permission to buy 17 new areas instead of one. So you have to reach that

Size: 0.003 MB Author: Klyte45 Updated: 16 Nov @ 12:46pm
All 25 Areas purchasable

What it does:All 25 areas can be purchased (per default only 9 out of 25 can be purchased). The last Milestone (13) adds the permission to buy 17 new areas instead of one. So you have to reach that to unlock all areas, it does not work from the beginning, as Milestones 1-12 are unchanged. Installati

Size: 0.005 MB Author: tomdotio Updated: 1 Dec @ 4:02am
Mod Achievement Enabler

This mod enables achievements when other mods are running! The little trophy icon that shows you whether achievements are enabled when you load the save will still be crossed out, but when the game loads, this mod simply changes a boolean value that turns achievements back on.Complete source code (y

Size: 0.004 MB Author: goot loblin Updated: 13 Mar, 2015 @ 6:55am
Extended Road Upgrade

Updated for the After Dark and Snowfall expansions!NOTE: This mod was originally created before the ability to upgrade between one- and two-way roads was added into the game itself, so it is no longer essential, but it's available for those who prefer its functionality over the standard upgrade tool

Size: 0.030 MB Author: Wiliz Updated: 19 Feb, 2016 @ 4:54pm
Auto Line Color

Automatically picks colors and names for bus, metro and train lines. Compatible with Extended Public Transport UIAfter Dark UpdatesBug fixes and features have been pushed! Thanks to techfreek you can set the options in the regular Options dialog. There were some compatability problems that caused th

Size: 0.043 MB Author: enkafan Updated: 24 Sep, 2015 @ 2:42pm
City Vitals Watch

Adds a configurable panel to display vital city stats at a glance.Features- Displays real-time stats on service usage, citizen safety, and more (see full stat list below)- Select the stats you want to watch with the settings panel (click the gear button to bring it up)- Toggle the panel's visibility

Size: 0.311 MB Author: UndergroundHero Updated: 7 Oct, 2015 @ 4:40pm
Terraform tool 0.9

You need money to terraform, so if you have 0$ it won't work.Install unlimited money mod or get rich to terraform.Control keys: For laptops you can redefine keys in the settings - Map editor tab -> Look at last screenshotBy default:Numpad Plus / Minus changes brush sizeShift + Numpad Plus / Minus

Size: 0.272 MB Author: rollo Updated: 5 Mar, 2016 @ 12:55pm
Extended Public Transport UI (Obsolete)

ObsoleteWith the newest Patch/DLC EPTUI has become obsolete. All functionalityhas been integrated into the base game by Colossal Order - and some! The modwill stay up, as it might be useful for reference; finally a thanks to all subscribersfor their trust, and especially all the contributors for mak

Size: 0.029 MB Author: AcidF!re Updated: 9 Aug, 2015 @ 5:07am
Toggle Traffic Lights

Note: Toggling traffic lights is possible with Traffic Manager: President Edition. Version 11.0 even added the option to disable traffic lights.That means TM has basically every feature of Toggle Traffic Lights -- while offering a lot of additional stuff. Therefore I recommend to use Traffic Manager

Size: 0.113 MB Author: Craxy Updated: 26 May, 2019 @ 11:52am
One-Way Street Arrows

Description:Adds togglable green arrows over one-way streets so it's easier to see which way they go.Updates in real-time as you build one-way roads and change road directions. Also available in the Asset Editor.Arrows can be round (default) or flat. See Configuration section below.A toggle button t

Size: 0.054 MB Author: Elektriyon Updated: 17 Feb, 2017 @ 5:18pm

Update: I've just pushed a new version that re-enables the Harmony-based implementation, this time using the CitiesHarmony compatibility layer. Hopefully this will improve interaction with other mods without breaking stuff using older Harmony versions.I know a lot of people want a movable button - i

Size: 0.040 MB Author: Spectra Updated: 20 Apr @ 1:13am
Precision Engineering

Precision Engineering augments Cities: Skylines by adding angle snapping, guidelines and additional information to assist you when building roads, train lines, pipes and power lines.InstallationClick the subscribe button above to install, then enable the mod in the Content Manager on the Cities: Sky

Size: 0.043 MB Author: Simie Updated: 20 Oct, 2021 @ 7:15am
Unlimited Trees Mod v1.12

UNLIMITED TREES MOD v1.12Current code by BloodyPenguin and mod site hosted by DRen72Latest Code Update: May 24, 2018 (Compatible and tested with v1.12.2 and Campus DLC)This mod unlocks the games limitation of 262,144 trees to allow you to use just over 2 million.(Be aware that adding this many tre

Size: 0.120 MB Author: DRen72 Updated: 24 May, 2018 @ 12:41pm
Unlock All + Wonders & Landmarks

This mod unlocks all from beginning, including all Wonders (a.k.a. Monuments ), Unique Buildings Levels I-VI, European biome Landmarks, (if you have Deluxe Edition) Deluxe Edition Landmarks + DLC specific unique buildings and monuments. It also unlocks all Progression Milestones.It unlocks all Lan

Size: 0.931 MB Author: BloodyPenguin Updated: 4 Apr, 2020 @ 3:37am
NoPillars ( v1.1+ compatible )

Its name says everything about itThis is my fixed and improved version of some danny's excellent NoPillars mod.Original mod seems to be abandoned and I've adopted it. This version of NoPillars is compatible with European Buildings Unlocker and with all mods that provide additional roads (Traffic++,

Size: 0.612 MB Author: BloodyPenguin Updated: 5 Jan, 2016 @ 9:49pm
Airport Roads

Compatible with Cities Skylines 1.10.0-f3 (Park Life)Fixed version of Runways and Taxiways mod.Adds runways and taxiways to the airport menu.Runway has the same cost as Highway road.Taxiway has the same cost as Small road.This mod doesn't change the planes AI in any way and never will. It was never

Size: 0.288 MB Author: SamsamTS Updated: 28 May, 2018 @ 3:54pm
Not So Unique Buildings

Now you can plop unique buildings and wonders (a.k.a monuments) as many times as you wishThis mod doesn't unlock any landmarks, it just allows them to post them more than one time.GitHub repositoryThis mod uses Harmony version 2.0 by Andreas Pardeike via the Cities Harmony mod by boformer.Feel free

Size: 0.768 MB Author: BloodyPenguin Updated: 25 May, 2021 @ 1:09pm
Unlimited Outside Connections [DEPRECATED]

NO LONGER WORKING AS OF GAME VERSION 1.15 (PLAZAS & PROMENADES)Its legacy is being carried forward in a new mod, building on BloodyPenguin's legacy.Although this mod is no longer working, it has served the community for many years, and the new generation of mods owe a debt of gratitude to Bloody

Size: 0.494 MB Author: BloodyPenguin Updated: 25 Jan @ 2:05am
Extra Landscaping Tools

Allows to place natural resources in-game + provides configurable tree brush&pencil, terraform and water tool. This mod was previously called ' In-game Natural Resources Tool 'Provides some Map Editor tools in-game (like Resources Tool) and movable 'Brush Options' toolbar. Available through a ma

Size: 1.069 MB Author: BloodyPenguin Updated: 25 Jan @ 5:31am
More Beautification

This mod allows to place props in-gameProps are available via 'Decoration' main toolbar button. You can place as many as 65531 props in-game. To rotate props before placement hold right mouse button pressed and move mouse to the left ot to the right.This mod doesn't include any props! And it doesn't

Size: 0.630 MB Author: BloodyPenguin Updated: 19 Aug, 2017 @ 2:14pm