Timboh's Stack Interchange for Cities: Skylines

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Author: Timboh

Size (unpacked): 0.733 MB

Updated: 10 Jun, 2015 @ 6:08am

You know, when road engineers are told to "do it big", they make stack interchanges. You can't really get any larger than this! Well, there are of course the insane Texas High Fives, the monsterous chinese five-way junctions and the supercompact and supertall japanese ones, but... Meh, I don't know. It feels like they're just compensating for something else. (*cough cough*) Anyway, my version of the stack interchange is a lot more reminiscent of the british stacks, rather than the american ones, since two of my ramps are underneath the mainline rather than abovedue to slope problems. Making the slopes look good in the asset editor was really difficult due to the space restrictions, so I'm not as satisfied with this one than with my other interchanges. Well, I hope you'll like it atleast! :D

2.0 UPDATE - So, after my big cosmetic set update, the stack interchange is the first one to recieve tunnels. Suprisingly, the stack is probably the only interchange who've actually decreased in size after the update, with smoother curves and slopes, and a more realistic proportion. However, in real life the stack interchange is one of the largest interchange designs, while it's actually one of the most compact interchange in my set. Oh well, realism be damned... this time...


+ You won't find any interchanges more efficient than a stack! The turbine might be able to match it, but I'm not too sure about that
+ No weaving (obviously)
+ Straighter ramps should equal more speed (you'll know why I say "should" two lines down)

- Steeper ramps should mean less speed
- It's so huge, it's taller than some high density buildings in the game. It might be just my personal preference, but I personally don't want interchnages tall as skycrapers. It will certainly turn day into night for those unfortunate to live in its shadow.
- If you're making a mountain town, then good luck fitting this one in. It won't let you plop it down on the smallest of mounds
- It's difficult to retro-fit


Cost: 48 040
Upkeep: 540 / week

In-game description:
It's enormous, it's loud, it's fast and will block out the sun for the unfortunate who live next to it. It's the stack!