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Timboh's A-Trumpet Interchange

Mirrored Version:'s take a break from all the 4-ways and move on to some 3-way interchanges, and is there any better way to start then with a trumpet interchange. In real life, this is by far the most popular design worldwide because

Size: 0.580 MB Author: Timboh Updated: 15 Jul, 2015 @ 11:03am
Gula's StarTrust Office

Level 3 Office (4x4) Growable in the Office zone!Updated for After DarkIn every great city, there are recognizable structures that define the city’s character, shape its skyline and make it distinct from all other cities. In Tampa, that landmark is the SunTrust Financial Centre.Based off of the Su

Size: 3.015 MB Author: Gula Updated: 1 Oct, 2015 @ 6:09pm
Sunken Plaza

A modern, sunken, city plaza for your citizens to enjoy. Size:4x4 Cost: 1000 Maintenance cost: 100 Tourist draw: 50 Ent Accum: 100 Ent Radius: 400Please help me in making more assetsI love creating new buildings for CS but it does take up a large portion of my time. If you really like my content, I

Size: 2.981 MB Author: ryanjamesoflondon Updated: 27 Sep, 2015 @ 8:16am
City Vitals Watch

Adds a configurable panel to display vital city stats at a glance.Features- Displays real-time stats on service usage, citizen safety, and more (see full stat list below)- Select the stats you want to watch with the settings panel (click the gear button to bring it up)- Toggle the panel's visibility

Size: 0.311 MB Author: UndergroundHero Updated: 7 Oct, 2015 @ 4:40pm
Terraform tool 0.9

You need money to terraform, so if you have 0$ it won't work.Install unlimited money mod or get rich to terraform.Control keys: For laptops you can redefine keys in the settings - Map editor tab -> Look at last screenshotBy default:Numpad Plus / Minus changes brush sizeShift + Numpad Plus / Minus

Size: 0.272 MB Author: rollo Updated: 5 Mar, 2016 @ 12:55pm
Tennis club

Tennis club for your city. INFO maps - d,n,s,a,i (1024x1024) triangles - 1738 LOD triangles - 87It's located in decoration/plazas and parks

Size: 3.236 MB Author: Tomas13TO Updated: 9 Sep, 2016 @ 10:00am
Extended Public Transport UI (Obsolete)

ObsoleteWith the newest Patch/DLC EPTUI has become obsolete. All functionalityhas been integrated into the base game by Colossal Order - and some! The modwill stay up, as it might be useful for reference; finally a thanks to all subscribersfor their trust, and especially all the contributors for mak

Size: 0.029 MB Author: AcidF!re Updated: 9 Aug, 2015 @ 5:07am
Timboh's B-Trumpet Interchange

Mirrored Version:'s take a break from all the 4-ways and move on to some 3-way interchanges, and is there any better way to start then with a trumpet interchange. In real life, this is by far the most popular design worldwide because

Size: 0.600 MB Author: Timboh Updated: 15 Jul, 2015 @ 11:05am
Timboh's Semi-Directional B-Trumpet Interchange

Mirrored Version: trumpets, Timboh? Do we really need more of these things? I'd say we do indeed need more of them. See, the semi-directional variant of the trumpet actually adds quite alot of functionality to the interchange. By wi

Size: 0.608 MB Author: Timboh Updated: 1 Aug, 2015 @ 8:59am
Space Needle

UPDATED FOR SNOWFALL: I've finally had time to update the LOD on the model, it should now be compatible with Snowfall! Thanks for all your patience and understanding!=============================================Space Needle by x3The iconic observation tower was built in 1962 and is a landmark of th

Size: 4.550 MB Author: Alvin Updated: 17 Jun, 2016 @ 2:27am
Toggle Traffic Lights

Note: Toggling traffic lights is possible with Traffic Manager: President Edition. Version 11.0 even added the option to disable traffic lights.That means TM has basically every feature of Toggle Traffic Lights -- while offering a lot of additional stuff. Therefore I recommend to use Traffic Manager

Size: 0.113 MB Author: Craxy Updated: 26 May, 2019 @ 11:52am
Gula's Starbucks Coffee

Level 1 Commercial (2x4) coffee shop growable in the commercial zone!Updated for After DarkSherlocks Coffee... Iced two-pump cinnamon dulce americano with cream787 Tris512 Texture res - for releases! - for generosity!

Size: 0.878 MB Author: Gula Updated: 24 Sep, 2015 @ 12:07pm
Baseball Field

Baseball FieldSize: 10x10Construction Cost: 7500Fire Hazard: 0Fire Tolerance: 20Garbage Accumulation: 2Maintenance Cost: 500Electricity Consumption: 4High Wealth Tourists: 50Low Wealth Tourists: 50Medium Wealth Tourists: 50Sewage Accumulation: 0Water Consumption: 2Entertainment Accumulation: 125Ente

Size: 2.284 MB Author: Dutch Updated: 23 Mar, 2016 @ 4:42pm
Timboh's Y-Stack Interchange

Let's make some more three-ways! This right here is a Y-Stack, or specifically, one of the many ways to make a Y-Stack. This specific design is roughly based on the "twins of Copenhagen" as I use to call them; two almost completely inseperable interchanges along Motorring 3 outside Copenhagen. They

Size: 0.583 MB Author: Timboh Updated: 7 Jun, 2015 @ 7:25am
Timboh's T-Bone Interchange

Placeholder Description

Size: 0.432 MB Author: Timboh Updated: 26 Mar, 2015 @ 12:27pm
Recycling Center

Recycling Center:Slowly sifts through and removes garbage over time. Very noisy, inefficient but it's 100% clean!Stats:Footprint: 8x4Cost: 45000Upkeep: 960/weekGarbage Capacity: 250000Garbage Processing: 24000/weekGarbage Trucks: 12Catchment Area: 700Power Usage: 928KWWater Usage: 96Noise Pollution

Size: 1.728 MB Author: Fishbus Updated: 29 Sep, 2015 @ 10:35am
Phoenix Tower - Growable 4x4Lvl5 H residential

I proudly present you my first released building ever... The Phoenix Tower. The tower is a 27 floors - 91 meters tall habitation building. It's standing on a 4x4 parcel and is at Level 5. The building is about 720 triangles and has a custom LOD (with custom textures) so it looks good from far away t

Size: 2.539 MB Author: tony_r_68 (Zed68) Updated: 25 Oct, 2016 @ 6:13pm
River Residence - Growable 4x4 Lvl4 H residential

Add (some) variety to your Level4 residential neighbourhoods... with the River Residence The residence is a 10 floors - 40 meters tall habitation building, it has been designed to fit well into the existing ingame buildings of this level. It's standing on a 4x4 parcel and is at Level 4. The buildin

Size: 2.680 MB Author: tony_r_68 (Zed68) Updated: 25 May, 2017 @ 1:00pm
One-Way Street Arrows

Description:Adds togglable green arrows over one-way streets so it's easier to see which way they go.Updates in real-time as you build one-way roads and change road directions. Also available in the Asset Editor.Arrows can be round (default) or flat. See Configuration section below.A toggle button t

Size: 0.054 MB Author: Elektriyon Updated: 17 Feb, 2017 @ 5:18pm
IKEA by Ozo

IKEA by OzoLandmark BuildingLevel: 3Cost: 45.000Maintenance cost: 320Custom modelTris: 2745Textures: 2048x2048, Diffuse, Specular

Size: 10.357 MB Author: Ozoft Updated: 9 Apr, 2015 @ 5:23pm