Calradias Fire for Mount & Blade: Warband

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Author: Leavins

Size (unpacked): 514.418 MB

Updated: 18 Jun, 2016 @ 10:07pm

[No longer WIP] Calradias Fire is a native expansion that includes features such as: new textures, weapons, armour, scenes, troop trees, game mechanics, and updated troop trees, mechanics, etc. (See feature list below)

So to put it simply I am sending this mod to its long over due funeral. I am very thankful for all of your support and I am glad you guys have been enjoying the mod for so long. There are many reasons for my decision to do this, the first being that I lost my passion for this specific project some time ago when I realized it failed to do anything that no one else had done before me. The second reason is that due to some technical errors on my part (wont get into all the details), the mod is stuck in a sort of developmental limbo. In order for me to add the features that I want, I will have to, for the most part, rewrite most of the mod due to mistakes I made early in development.

This would make the mod much better and allow for future improvements, however I feel it would be better to start from scratch with a new concept instead. This is why I will be starting a new project in the near future which you will all hopefully enjoy. I have not been able to work on the mod much lately due to an overwhelming lack of time to work on it and that likely will not change for a couple more weeks, when it does however, I plan on starting this new project with some renewed enthusiasm. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with this mod, I will still be here to take suggestions for the next project if you have any.
~PS: RIP diplomacy update D:

Calradias Fire Mod
Release V.2

Assets (some DDS and BRF files):

-Barabans '15th_century_armour_pack_102'
-freds 'fredsbunchofarmours'
- Faradons 'Crpg-Faradon'
- Narf's Rus Armour Pack


-"Burrek for k&k, Byzantium Armor, Unique Eurpoeans 1 & 3 Skinsets (bur)
Lord Condormanius Irish Skinset (con)
FJ62 Norse Skinsets (fj6)
Ornumentum mod builders (orn)
Stainless Steel 6.0 mod builders (ssm)
DaBlade, for elegant engraved plates
Subotai, for female mesh
only those dds files costumes3, 5, 51, and 6_ss designed by maw
all other skins compiled from greater talents."


-as of V.1.0 Over 160+ new items (armour, weapons, etc)
-New characters

-reactivated mechanics from the module.ini (crouching, advanced formations etc)
-^advanced formation controls
-edited siege mechanics (food supply)
-redone troop trees
-edited castle guards (as of version V.23 this does not work)
-easier troop recruitment
-tavern keepers buy prisoners

-(some) graphical improvements (ie: I 'improved' some of the textures)
-new banners
-new aiming reticles(see textures and ui folder)

-edited in-game locations (towns, cities, castles, etc) as of version V.23 there are only a handful

-Total Redesign

-Textures & UI folder: Contains custom aiming reticles.

V.2: Finally fixed most of the bugs that have plagued this mod since day one, got rid of crappy custom textures, prepped for the BIG update coming to a store near you soon. No diplomacy is not in yet, I broke my module system so I am back to square one with that part (It will come I promise).
V.1.2: Fixes, and alot of new content.
V.1.0: Fixed bugs.
V.23: First Release!