More Women with Diplomacy v4.2 for Mount & Blade: Warband

Here you can download More Women with Diplomacy v4.2 mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: someproteinguy

Size (unpacked): 213.990 MB

Updated: 10 Mar, 2015 @ 7:43pm

The download for version 0.4 is now available!!


IMPORTANT NOTE: The download from Steam is working, however this mod is being actively worked on and updated. A number of the updates are not compatible with previous versions of the mod. It is important that you either unsubscribe after downloading, or move, or rename the downloaded folder to keep Steam from over-writing your old version when a new one comes out. If the old version is over-written your old saves will no longer work, and may become corrupted to the point you'll be unable to recover your character.

This mod is also listed at nexusmods: and can be downloaded from there if you want or need an alternative to the workshop. If you download from there be sure to follow the directions from that site, as they are slightly different.

I also keep the most recent old version on the Nexusmods site as well. If you need, or want, to have the older version of the mod be sure to check out that site and download from there.

What is this?

It is the base game (Diplomacy 4.2) with modified female versions of most of the units, a few new companions, and more female NPCs, Lords, etc. This is something fairly simple I initially put together while learning to wade through the code for the first time; a confidence builder of sorts. I had some fun with it and thought I’d share. It has been slowly growing from there.

Semi-Plausible Backstory

Years of constant warfare have steadily depleted the population of young men fit for combat in Calradia, and the rulers have found themselves increasingly turning to women to fill the gaps in their armies. Recruiting able-bodied men in the local villages has become nothing short of a dream, and a hardy adventurer will instead find steady stream of female volunteers eager to leave behind a home with limited prospects for a Calradia that is increasingly accepting of a non-traditional female role.

Men still hold the reins of power though, so while many women are having an easier time getting their foot in the door, a glass ceiling hangs not far over their heads. Only a few women can boast ownership of a fief, and some nations have all but excluded women from the upper ranks of their foot soldiers. On the other hand young men trained for combat have found they can charge a premium for their services now, though there are those who wonder openly if the higher price is indeed justified. Nonetheless they can frequently be found in the taverns and streets of Calradia offering their blades to the highest bidder.

More recently the conflict beyond the southern desert that has been forcing waves of refugees northward has finally reached the borders of Calradia. Kinaga Warbands have been spotted in the hills around Shariz and are moving north. While they don't appear to compose an organized fighting force the faces of wide-eyed travelers lucky enough to escape their onslaught tell the whole tale. Many a sleepless night plagues Lords and peasants alike as the region braces itself for confrontation with an unknown invader.

Nuts and Blots

The female faction units have all been altered in some way from their male counterparts, and a couple of the top-tier faction infantry units do not have female versions. As for the alterations they vary but tend to follow one of two themes. Low level female units will be universally weaker than their male versions. Higher level units will typically have less physical strength but higher skill; extra attention to technique compensating for a lack of brute force. This means for units where raw strength is less important the female versions will likely prove superior (Crossbows pop readily to mind, for example). In the end though, any performance differences between the sexes shouldn't be too large. While one or the other may be better on paper, they should both be able to fill their role adequately.

Southern units are nearly the polar opposite of above, with stronger female units, and more skilled male units.

Female bandit units are meant to compliment the existing male units, adding more bows, or melee strength, etc. depending on what the male units are lacking. Most bandit packs are about 50% larger than in the base game, and the bandits have a couple extra levels. There are also bandit leaders now, who will hopefully give a bit more challenge to an adventurer, and slaughter their fresh recruits if allowed to.

Changes in version 0.4

Save game compatibility: Not compatible with older saved games

Expanded Troop Trees: All troops trees now have versions up to level 40, and each faction now has a single level 50 signature unit with a different armament. Additional troops types have also been to many factions in an attempt to offer greater diversity to their units. Faction troop levels have also been increased in response. Details about the troop trees can be found in a TROOP_TREES.htm file included in the download.

Blunt Ranged Weapons: There are now low-powered blunt-damage versions of the crossbow, bow, and thrown weapons.

Permanent Injury expansion: The probably of permanent injury on loss has been increased to around 50%, modified by the player's luck.

New enemies: Kinaga warbands now patrol the map, threatening play and faction troops alike.

Cosmetic improvements: New face textures added.

Source code is provided in the 'Source' folder.

More information is available here:

Known Bug: There are ongoing issues with male units spawning in taverns in the Diplomacy-merged version only. I've yet to isolate the cause.

Credit where it is due

Diplomacy mod credit goes to Waihti and zParsifal. The main page for their mod can be found here:,116424.0.html

Female voices are from the Mortal Women Sound Pack by mortal/convention and can be found here:

The cool new background sketches found on many screens are courtesy of Gambargin of Deviant Art ( Most, if not all, of it came from either his Historically Wrong Women Warriors series or Historical War Queens series. Images were altered slightly for size and display purposes, you can see the originals on his webpage.

The new artwork for the loading screens is courtesy of the talented Adelruna of Deviant Art (, and have been inserted unaltered.

New face textures from Thel's Face Pack (

Troop tree file was generated using Backe's troop tree generator (

Also a big thank you to everyone who's given me feedback and reported bugs. I simply couldn't do this without your help.

Finally please note that the source code is provided primarily for you to play around with and make tweaks on your own computer. However I have no objections if you'd like to use some of the content in your own mod. I'd appreciate a shout-out though of course, and a heads-up wouldn't be frowned upon either. Also, I can not give you permission to use other people's content, like the artwork for example, so you'd have to do that part of the legwork yourself, for better or for worse.

Future Updates v0.4

More cosmetic improvements
Adding (or adding more) female troops to places like the tutorial, tournaments, quick-battle, etc.
various exciting bug squishing

If you have any thoughts or ideas for the mod please feel free to share, as usual.