Vexed Native by Vechs for Mount & Blade: Warband

Here you can download Vexed Native by Vechs mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

The content of the mod has been downloaded and repackaged without any changes from the original source. We are not responsible for technical problems of the game or mod, but we guarantee the absence of malicious code

Author: Metroid3802

Size (unpacked): 28.310 MB

Updated: 14 Jul, 2014 @ 3:48pm

This mod makes many small changes that together enhance the experience of Mount and Blade: Warband by making the game more convenient and less grindy.

This mod does the following:

-Increases the rate at which you gain gold, reputaion, and experiance.
-Increases the gold rewards for the arena and the tournaments.
-Increases the ammo for balastic and throwing weapons to make them more practical.
-Companions will still have issue with one another, but never to the point that they leave your service. This allows you to build whatever party you like.
-Adds the ability to sell prisioners to tavern owners, instead of having to hunt down ransom brokers.
-Makes mercenaries more afordable.
-Changes the colors of the names on the map to make them easier to view.
-Adds a Talk to Village Elder button and Talk to Guild Master button so you no longer have to hunt for them each time you wish to speak to them.
-Your troops will continue to fight even if the player faints.
-Cattle will follow you instead of you having to drive them.
-Bandit Army size increased.

*DISCLAIMER* This is not my mod. This mod belongs to Vechs (, but I am uploading it to the Steam Workshop for convenience so people can access this mod more easily.

NOTE: For this mod to work, you must select the Module in the starting screen. If the Workshop version is not working for you for some reason, you may also download the mod here:

http:// www. mediafire. com/download/ f3qyhq65nanfda3/ (Link courtesy of Steam User Exeon)

Also check the discussion page for a link to a video How-To of installing the mod, as well as a link to Vechs' Let's Play where he showcases this mod.

Credit to user evanater91 for this method. Try it and see if it works for you.

SOLVED THE DOWNLOAD ISSUE. Subscribe first, and once it's finished downloading, open your main steam folder (c:/program files/steam and SEARCH for Vex. This will bring up a .rar file that you can open with 7zip or winrar. Once opened, grab the vexed native file and drop into your modules folder of Warband. Run, select vexed native 1.154 as usual and it works!