Animal Tab for RimWorld

Here you can download Animal Tab mod for RimWorld. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Fluffy

Size (unpacked): 3.811 MB

Updated: 2 Nov @ 12:29pm

Tags: Mod 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.0 1.1 0.17

Required mods: Harmony
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

Adds extra functionality to the Animals tab

Does not require a new save game.
Can safely be enabled/disabled in ongoing saves.

First released back in A12 (or was it 11?) this mod vastly improved the vanilla animals tab. Evidently, Tynan agreed and the mod is now (mostly) part of the vanilla game. I still feel this mod looks better, and adds enough extra functionality (sorting, filters, renaming) to make it a worthwhile replacement.

Domestication (wildness) and the loss over training over time is not visible in the tab. I plan on adding some kind of indicator to show this, but don't know when I'll have time. Note that this information is also not shown in the vanilla animals tab.
This mod uses a relatively thin 'wrapper' around the vanilla animal tab to implement filtering. This wrapper cannot co-exist with other mods that depend on overriding the vanilla animal tab, e.g. ~~~Better Pawn Control~~~.
Voult, the awesome person behind Better Pawn Control is working on compatibility, the two mods should now work together fine.

  • Gender and lifestage icons on the animals tab. Easily keep track of your chickenfarm!
  • Butchery designation right from the animals tab.
  • Sort by name, gender, lifestage/age, and bodysize (meat).
  • Filter by race, and a variety of attributes.
  • Rename (named) pets. Don't like the name Buttercup for your Warg? Change it!
  • Mass assign masters, or assign all to bonded masters.

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Parts of this mod were created by, or derived from works created by;

  • SimpleIcon: icons ({LINK REMOVED})
  • Dave Gandy/FontAwesome: icons ({LINK REMOVED})
  • macrovector: preview animal art ({LINK REMOVED})
  • Freepik: various icons ({LINK REMOVED})

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