CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1+] for RimWorld

Here you can download CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1+] mod for RimWorld. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: CrashM

Size (unpacked): 3.899 MB

Updated: 4 Dec @ 4:14am

Tags: Mod 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.1

Required mods: Harmony
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

CM Color Coded Mood Bar

Color code each pawn's mood bar within the colonist bar based on their current mood.
  • Red: extreme mental break threshold
  • Orange: major mental break threshold
  • Yellow: minor mental break threshold
  • Gray: neutral mood
  • Light Blue: content
  • Green: happy

Extra Features:
  • Custom Colors, the colors above can be fully customised, along with some of the icons below.

  • Break Box, an outline to highlight when the colonist is in a break mood, useful for "larger" colonists (default on). This can be drawn beneath or on top of the colonist to further highlight the colonist (default beneath).

  • Schedule Box, an outline to show the colonists current schedule (default off).

  • Illness Icon, an icon that is displayed when the colonist has an illness that requires immunity (default on).

  • Pregnancy Icon, an icon that is displayed when the colonist is pregnant (default on).

  • Bleeding Icon, an icon that is displayed when the colonist is bleeding with 4 different sizes based on bleed rate, large & flashing < 3 hours, large < 8 hours until death, medium < 24 hours, small > 24 hours (default on).

  • Thermal Icons, icons for when colonists are suffering hypothermia/heatstroke (minor and above).

  • Gender Icons, ability to display gender icons for your colonists, useful for gender based events.

  • Cryptosleep Icon, shows an icon of the cryptosleep casket when a colonist is in one.

  • Love Relation Icons, shows icons for colonists that are in love relationships (heart for lovers, rings for married couples).

  • Performance, this mod uses caching to improve performance and, depending on the options selected, runs faster than the vanilla colonist bar.

  • Compatibility, the only compatibility issues this mod has is with other colonist bar mods that alter how the mood box is rendered, with the exception of Colony Groups which i made made this mod compatible with.
    I have also added compatibility for Pawn Badges and Job In Bar when used in combination with Colony Groups.


24-09-2017: Removed unnecessary error log messages.
18-11-2017: Updated for RimWorld version 0.18.1722, and added content and happy mood colors.
04-05-2019: Updated for RimWorld version 1.0.2231.

24-02-2020: Updated for RimWorld version 1.1 (1.1 only, won't work on 1.0)
27-02-2020: Added outline box for break risks as previously extreme had such a small bar it was usually not visible.
29-02-2020: Added Mod Settings to allow changing the color of each threshold and disable the mental break outline box if needed.
01-03-2020: Fixed memory leak.
04-04-2020: Added option to put the break box on top of the colonist (default off) so it is more visible for the larger colonists.
15-06-2020: Added optional neutral break box (default off).
28-07-2020: Added Optional Schedule Box to show colonists current schedule.
04-09-2020: Added optional illness icon for illnesses that require immunity.
05-09-2020: Added optional bleeding icon with 3 sizes based on bleed rate.
15-09-2020: Performance updates and caching. I have improved performance by an average of 25% over the previous version (test has 20 colonists, same settings), I also removed the schedule box for when colonists are on the Anything schedule as this also helps performance. There is also a new Refresh Rate setting where you can decide how often the cache is refreshed (150ms seems more than enough for 20 colonists, 0 disables the cache). (Thanks to Vaeringjar
& Varicide for pointing out the performance issue)
23-09-2020: More performance improvements. Please note, the performance improvement has made the cache mandatory, if this causes problems please let me know.
27-09-2020: Bug Fix (error when enabling schedule box when in game), Added optional ability to hide portraits (helps performance).
27-09-2020: Bug Fix.
01-10-2020: Extended the allowed caching to 2s, and made the selection highlighting uncached.
24-10-2020: More performance improvements (removed some reflection).
25-10-2020: Bug Fix + Another performance improvement that make it faster than vanilla.
27-10-2020: Bug Fix + Minor performance improvements + the bleeding icon now flashes when lt 3 hours + the illness icon will flash when severity gt immunity and severity gt 80% + the illness icon will turn yellow when immunity gt severity + the illness icon will turn green when immunity gt %5 more than severity.
20-12-2020: Bug fix + An optional (disabled by default) alternative label that is faster but may have bugs + Thermal warning icons (colors customisable in the settings).
27-03-2021: Added proper tooltips to the settings.
06-04-2021: Additional Performance Improvment when enabling the Alternative Label in the settings.
09-04-2021: Bug Fix
23-04-2021: Added an option to force a portrait update when colonists drafted status changes (as requested by Deco)
05-07-2021: 1.3 Compatibility
07-07-2021: Fixed Problem with RW1.2 loading the 1.3 dll.
23-07-2021: Ideology Update
24-07-2021: Fixed Settings
28-07-2021: 1.3.3074.1: Added a Version Number to help prevent issues with old versions being used. It will be included in the initialisation message in the games log and the mod settings.
15-08-2021: 1.3.3087.1: Fixed compatibility issue with QEE by Mario55770.
18-08-2021: 1.3.3094.1: Added Compatability with Colony Groups, please note this is a work in progress so some things might be weird or broken.
20-08-2021: 1.3.3096.1: Bug Fix
25-08-2021: 1.3.3102.1: Fixed thermal icon still showing after death.
16-09-2021: 1.3.3117.1: Additional compatibility with Colony Groups (fixed issues with pawn/box sizes).
18-09-2021: 1.3.3117.2: Added optional Gender icon.
30-09-2021: 1.3.3136.1: Added optional Cryptosleep Icon.
18-07-2022: 1.3.3389.1: Added Compatibility for Pawn Badges and Job In Bar when used in combination with Colony Groups.
06-10-2022: 1.4.3509.1: Update for Rimworld 1.4.
11-10-2022: 1.4.3542.1: Fix Null Error.
25-11-2022: 1.4.3558.1: Added Love Relationship Icons (optional, enable in settings).
03-12-2022: 1.4.3566.1: Added Pregnancy Icon (enabled with Illness Icon setting).
04-12-2022: 1.4.3566.2: Disable mouse over on pregnancy icon.
04-12-2022: 1.4.3566.3: Fix Pregnancy icon remaining after birth.

Manual Install download and source code: