DontBlockDoor for RimWorld

Here you can download DontBlockDoor mod for RimWorld. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: tikubonn

Size (unpacked): 1.900 MB

Updated: 10 Oct @ 8:19pm

Tags: Mod 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.0 1.1

Required mods: Harmony
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.


this MOD fixes a pandemic that has plagued many a world on the Rim: doors being wedged open. whether it's prisoners escaping, invaders rushing in, or temperature leaking out, unwanted open doors have led to disasters in many colonies. my MOD prevents items from being dropped on the same tile as a door, allowing it to close just as intended. after installing this MOD, please avoid placing stockpiles on the same tile as a door.

これは RimWorldのシステムを少し改変し、ドアの上にアイテムを置けなくするようにするMODです(´・ω・`)昨晩、襲撃者に資材が詰まって開けっぱなしだった扉から侵入され、お家が全焼しまい悲しくなったのでこのMODをつくりました(´・ω・`)導入すると、何人たりともドアの上にアイテムが置けなくなります(´・ω・`)溢れてしまった資材のせいで、ドア開けっぱなしなんてことはなくなると思います(´・ω・`)やるじゃん

Mod Requirements

* Harmony


Q) Is the mod compatible with...?
A) I don't know, but it may have compatible to any simple drug Mods.

Q) I want to report a bug!
A) I need detailed information.

* What happened?
* When and under what circumstances did it happen?
* How can I replicate the issue?
* What's your RimWorld version?
* Post an error log! (If you have HugsLib -> Ctrl+F12 and paste the link in the comments!)

If your mod list is large, it may cause conflicts with this mod. If its bug caused by mod conflicts, I cannot help you.

Q) Your translation is terrible!
A) If you think my translation is terrible, you can send the correct translation to me. If you sent the correct translation, I replace it and old translation after checked.


(c) 2018-2022 tikubonn

Update History

Updated for 1.3 and 1.4. Fixed some methods so that door don't push any buildings, blueprints and pawns.
ドアの配置時に生物・建築物・建設予定地が押し出されないよう、いくつかのメソッドを修正しました。この更新は RimWorld 1.3/1.4 ともに適用されます。

This Mod has supported to RimWorld 1.4 unstable experimentally, so and it will finish update for old RimWorld versions after this update. Refactored source codes for continuous updates.
本Modを試験的に RimWorld 1.4 unstable に対応させました。それにともない前バージョンに向けた更新を終了します。継続的な更新のためにソースコードを整理しました。

this MOD has supported for RimWorld 1.3 unstable experimentally.
試験的にRimWorld 1.3テスト版に対応しました。