Giddy-up! Ride and Roll for RimWorld

Here you can download Giddy-up! Ride and Roll mod for RimWorld. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: roolo

Size (unpacked): 35.915 MB

Updated: 31 Oct @ 5:17am

Tags: Mod 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.0 1.1

Required mods: HugsLib Giddy-up! Core
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

Giddy-up! Let colonists Ride to their destination and Roll.

"Hey Stein, can you go mine some steel? We're running out."
"But Banastra, the only deposit is on the other side of the map! Why don't you do it?"
"Well, I'm incapable of mining, you know that. Why don't you just take Doogy the warg and Ride and Roll?"
"That's a thing now?"

Yes it is. With Giddy-up! Ride and Roll, you'll save your colonists the pain of walking everywhere, as it allows them to use mounts whenever it makes sense.
When a colonist wants to go to a destination, he will walk to an animal, mount it, and ride to the destination, given that it would take him there faster (this all happens automatically).
Depending on the job the pawn wants to do on the destination, the pawn will either dismount before doing the job, or stay mounted.

Make sure you have installed Hugslib and Giddy-up! Core, and make sure they load before this mod. Animals can only be mounted when they have completed obedience training and when they are allowed in the mod options of Giddy-up! Core

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Mod series page

- Japanese (by Proxyer)
- Russian (by Garr Incorporated)
- Simplified Chinese (by LingLuo)
- Traditional Chinese (by Biscuit)
- German (by RoffeIChen)

Colonists only automatically mount when it makes sense
They'll only mount when that means they get to their destination quicker. Also, the destination has to be at a minimum distance that is configurable in the mod options, otherwise they won't mount. Moreover, a colonist will remain mounted if starting an appropriate job. For instance hunting and hauling can be performed mounted. If mounting doesn't make sense for the job (for instance when woodcutting), the pawn will dismount and park the animal nearby. The animal will wait for a while so that the pawn can also use the animal on the way back. Pawns prefer animals they have recently used as mount, and also prefer animals that get them to the job the quickest.

Manual mounting
By right clicking on an animal, you can force a colonist to mount it.

Forbid riding area
Don't want riders to barge into your neat colonist's homes? Place forbid riding areas. Riders that want to enter a forbid rider area to do a job inside this area, will first drop off their mount at the nearest pen. In the versions for Rimworld 1.3 and older, this used to be a drop off point. Don't forget to place drop off points (in 1.2), as without them, the forbid riding areas won't do anything

Dissallow/allow mounting for specific animals
In the animals tab two new columns have been added that can be used to disallow automatic mounting for specific animals, or be used to restrict automatic mounting to the animal's master only.

Low impact on performance
I made sure the use of computationally expensive calculations is minimised, and in my tests the mod had no noticable performance impact. While these lightweight methods are not as computationally expensive as heavyweight methods, they are also not as accurate. So it may occasionally happen that a pawn makes a bad decision, especially with really strange maze-like base structures. I'll add a mod option in the future that'll allow users to enable more expensive but also more accurate methods if they please.

Support for any animal, modded or not
Any animal can be used as mount, even modded animals, and no patches are needed. By default, small animals are disabled. There is one thing to take into account when adding modded animals. Pawns are by default drawn on top of- and in front of the animal. However, sometimes it looks nicer when pawns are drawn behind the animal (most of the times this is when the animal has a long neck or when it has horns). The drawing priority can be configured for each animal in the mod options. For vanilla animals these settings are already configured, but for modded animals you may need to change the drawing priority for some animals in order to make it look nice.

-Mods: This mod uses harmony and should be compatible with most mods. However, i cannot test all mods so please report any problems with mod compatiblity. Check out the full list of compatibility notes on the mod page of Giddy up! Core.
-Existing saves: Can be used without problems
-Removing from saves: Can be done, however, when removing Giddy-up! Core, make sure no pawns are mounted in the save when removing the mod, as that will cause issues.

- Translations are very welcome. You can make a pull request on github if you want to add in translations, or you can contact me by sending a friend request.
- If you really like my mods, please consider buying me a coffee, you'd make my day :)

Feel free to add this mod to modpacks or to use the code or icons for other projects. Do however not release exact copies of my project, or exact copies with minor adjustments without my consent.

No longer active as modder.
I'm currently no longer active as modder because I'm working on my own game now. I do intend to keep my mods alive, but won't add any new content.

The game I'm working on right now (with Oskar Potocki) is called Cursed Crew.
Cursed crew is a roguelike crew management game taking place on a 17th century ship in a fantasy setting. You control a captain that needs to keep the ship’s crew alive in a harsh world with environmental hazards, pirates, stowaways, sea monsters and more. More info can be found on the Discord server of our game:

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