Music Expanded Framework for RimWorld

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Author: Music Expanded Team

Size (unpacked): 0.251 MB

Updated: Dec 15 @ 5:46pm

Tags: Mod 1.4 1.3

Required mods: Harmony
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

Music Expanded Framework
This mod adds some extensions to how RimWorld's music works, with the goal of bringing theme support and making the game more immersive, as well as allowing music-modders to add their themes without needing to remove the vanilla theme to hear just their mod!

No Silence - Optional!
Vanilla RimWorld seems to operate on a timer, playing songs after a set amount of time. This mod gets rid of that, in favor of playing tracks as soon as there's silence. This means there's always an appropriate song playing. No more silence.
Update: This is now optional! Check the "Vanilla Music Update" if you'd like to keep this vanilla feature

Modders can now add "Themes", collections of tracks to Rimworld that users can choose between, This mod generates a "Vanilla" theme for the songs that are in the original soundtrack, as well as any added through SongDefs. You can see your available themes in the mod settings. This mod doesn't come with any aside from the Vanilla one, but check out Music Expanded Core for three themes this mod was made for!

Now Playing
Using labels, you can title tracks and see what's currently playing. This feature is toggleable in mod settings.

Custom Cues
IncidentDefs can now trigger music tracks to play! Making events have their own event songs increases your immersion! Through C#, you can also trigger songs to play whenever you want, based on cues. This will allow modders to set up multiple songs for a specific cue. Each theme can define its own cues.

Secret Cues
Individual themes can define special songs for named pawns! Starting a colony with a specifically named pawn could trigger a special song!

Battle Track Intensities
Themes can define tracks for "sizes" of events from four levels. "Legendary", "Large", "Medium", and "Small". As a battle goes on, it'll get smaller until the battle tracks end.

Biome-specific tracks
In addition to the default song logic, a new field is available to TrackDefs. allowedBiomes can allow specific tracks to only play in certain biomes!

Modder Support
This mod was built with modders in mind. The goal is to provide a framework so that making music themes for RimWorld is as easy as possible. If you'd like to create your own themes using this framework, check out our Wiki and if you have any issues at all, feel free to reach out on our Discord server!

Github Issues
We track our upcoming features and known bugs through Github. Feel free to create new issues and feature requests there, though I will be creating them from comments as well.

Alt-tabbing causes the game to stop playing tracks. When tabbing back, by default Music Expanded Framework will try to play a song since there's not one playing. This can be a bit annoying. To solve it, enable the RimWorld setting "Run in Background".

- Zylle, came in out of no where and made our settings perfectly!
- Odeum, Got us started with the first steps to the mod!
- JME, All the music in the Music Expanded Core mod, and got everyone together to make this!
- Caaz, it's me, someone else write this
- Oχιά ℵ, for narrowing down the VEF incompatibility. not sure why it was a problem, not sure how I fixed it. BUT, replicating the bug was the hardest part!
- Pphhyy, making crabs
- Linkedx92, for the artwork used in the preview image!

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