Quarry [Adopted] for RimWorld

Here you can download Quarry [Adopted] mod for RimWorld. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Ogliss

Size (unpacked): 10.310 MB

Updated: 3 Nov @ 6:05am

Tags: Mod 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.0 1.1

Quarry for collecting rocks and resources in flat terrain.

[RimWorld 1.0+]

Please note that the original source and mod was cuproPanda's Quarry for B18

Forked from Symons' Quarry for R1.0

Mineable Items
Chunks (only the types available under where the quarry was built)
Most vanilla and modded mineable items, by default
Any custom defined items in Options->Mod Settings->Quarry

Objects Added
Quarry: A large pit dug into the ground for digging, found in the Production menu.
Mini Quarry: A small pit dug into the ground for digging. Has less health than the regular quarry, found in the Production menu, as an option for the standard Quarry.
Quarry platform: A platform quarry workers will haul resources to. Must be placed near a quarry, preferably near the ladders. Quarries can be linked to only one or two platforms.

Other Features
Quarries can be built anywhere the terrain permits by enabling Place Anywhere in the mods options. These quarries will give chunks and blocks based on stone types available in the map.

Quarry is now a work type. Pawns can be set to work in the quarry or set to mine normally. Doing either job will increase mining skill, but allows further control over when miners work in the quarry.

You can now control the fertility of Reclaimed Soil via a mod option.

Biotech Miner mechanoids can work in the quarry, however any previously existing ones need to be regestated

Save Compatability
This mod can be added to existing saves.
Always back up your saves before adding new mods as there is always the possibility for issues.

Mod Compatability
Most items, including modded items, are available to be mined in Options->ModSettings->Quarry
Modded Stone type support: should now automatically handle Most modded stone types.
QuarryableStoneDef: a new def type to allow modders to associate terraindefs with stone types, chunks and blocks
Cupro's Stones
Platforms will have different textures for different stone types
Prison Labour
Enable the Quarry Worktype for prisoners in the Prison Labour Mod Settings (check your prisoners are assigned to the Quarry Worktype)
Zenriths Multiplayer
Many Thanks to Cody for his patch!

Known issues, please report any other issues.
Minify Everything
Uninstalling the Quarry results in unreclaimable ground where the walls were- you to will need to remove it using the dev mode set terrain tool

Older Versions and Update Notes
Older versions of this mod can be found on cuproPanda's GitHub. Each release has info on what has changed from the previous release. Source for this mod can be found on my Github

Original Author: cuproPanda
Japanese Translations: Proxyer
Russian Translations: xd
Spanish Translations: Artorias
Multiplayer Compatability: Cody

(This is an unofficial update to the mod from Symons, which is an unofficial update to the original mod by cuproPanda).

If the Original Author wants to update their own mod, or for me to remove this, please let me know!

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1.4 Update Note
some folks seem to be having issues with the update, first thing i suggest trying is deleting the mods config for Quarry, which can usually be found at
C:\Users\(YOUR USER NAME)\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Config