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Author: Uuugggg

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Updated: 23 Oct @ 11:23pm

Tags: Mod 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.0 1.1

Place buildings anywhere, on top of existing things, and the game will handle it

- Replace the stuff that the building is made from ( replace a wooden wall with slate wall )
- Upgrade things: like doors to autodoors, beds to bigger beds, workbenches to the electric version
- Build over rocks, water, or undiscovered areas - rocks will be mined away, and bridges built over water, to make way for construction.
- Destroyed buildings that are auto-rebuilt will remember their settings
- Over-wall Coolers so you don't need to break a wall to install a cooler

Minor improvements:
- Pawns don't block construction.
- Corner Walls are buildable from inside

Replace Stuff
Use the new Replace tool in the "Architect/Structure" menu to replace any building's materials. Or place a building with new stuff over an old building. New stuff is even applied to blueprints and frames.

Because Replace Stuff doesn't break down the existing building, this means:
Upgrading walls doesn't break the room, and keeps freezers indoors and cold.
Replacing workbenches keeps the bill list.
Replacing beds preserves their owner.
Probably more useful things I haven't thought of.

Upgrade Buildings
Upgrading buildings means you can build the new building over the old version, and it will keep the old one in place until the construction is done, and the new one should keep settings.

The list of Buildings that can be upgraded:
-Walls, doors, auto-doors
-Beds to other beds
-Coolers to other coolers (i.e. make your over-wall coolers into wide coolers)
-Fueled Stove/Tailoring bench to electric versions
-Fences from the fences mod (Anything in the Designation Category "Fences")
-RimFridges (3rd party mod)

This type of replacement does destroy/create the thing, so certain internal data structures are re-built, but things like temperature of rooms are retained. The upgrade process has to be defined for each type, so the list is just what I thought to do.

Auto-rebuild settings saving
Things that remember settings when auto-rebuilt:
Work Table - bills
Cooler/Heater - Temperature settings
Hydroponics/pots - Plant Selection
Storage buildings - storage filter settings

Again, the settings saving process has to be defined for each type, so the list is just what I thought to do.

Build over rocks/water/fog
Place blueprints over mountain rock, and a job to clear the rock will be created so the building can be placed.
-There's a toggle on the bottom-right of the screen to disable mining rock when placing blueprints - so if you're adding floors to mountain rooms, it won't carve out the mountain walls)

Place blueprints over water, and a job to build a bridge will be created so the building can be placed.

You can build in undiscovered areas (but after revealing a new area, invalid blueprints are canceled, often due to terrain)

Over-wall coolers
The new over-wall cooler and vents behave exactly like normal coolers, but do not act as walls, and must be placed on top of walls (Which means adding a cooler doesn't break the walls).

Does NOT work over mountain rock. Rocks aren't walls. Smooth it into a wall first.

Also - New Double-width over-wall coolers for your two-wall thick freezers. (In a drop-down menu when you select coolers)

(I'd really like to make the base coolers work this way, but there is a lot of stuff preventing that, and then it would not work with current games since there isn't a wall under them)

In the settings, you can disable either vanilla or over-wall coolers/vents from showing up in your build menu.

And, why not, you can place coolers/vents even if the hot/cold tiles are blocked, because you can later remove the blockage.

Some details
Replacing stuff:
-The goal for the mod is to remain the same as vanilla deconstruction/reconstruction without the hassle of empty holes or moving parts around.
--Work Needed to build is the same as normal deconstruction and construction.
--Materials Needed is just the stuff to be replaced. (Some buildings require something like wood and your choice of another material: This keeps the wood, replaces the other stuff)
--The materials left behind is only the replaced stuff at the normal deconstruction amount (usually 75%)
--The material that didn't get replaced is preserved in the building, so you don't lose any, nor need any. (This is technically a slight buff to normal deconstruction/reconstruction, but with the idea you're not deconstructing it for good, this is how it'll work)

-Buildings with quality are assigned a new quality level. (as if it were reconstructed)
-Damage done is reset (as normal deconstruction/reconstruction would reset the HP).
-Buildings generally can't be used when being replaced. (a tricky thing to handle)

-Replacement jobs can fail just like normal construction can fail, which loses 50% materials and resets work done.
--Replacement failure does account for the fraction of work that is deconstruction work, so it doesn't fail on the first part and doesn't reset work done past that mark.

Rock replacement:
-When building over rock, miners and builders will both mine away the rock to make way for the building. If it's valuable ore, your builders who are unskilled miners will lose potential ore. You may want to cancel your building projects until the skilled miners do their job.
-Resources are delivered to frames blocked by mountain rock (otherwise clearing out one rock tile for a wall would make you deliver only to that frame, so now it delivers to all wall frames even if they are not yet cleared for building)

Bridges over water
-Building things that needs a bridge will show the bridge cost
-Removing a bridge blueprint will remove the blueprint above it
-Modded bridges and foundations should work
--I would describe more but Steam Workshop descriptions have a size limit

* Okay maybe not anywhere - This mod lets you place buildings in places you probably want to, but not literally anywhere. The previous list of features is where you can now place buildings, but it's not like this lets you place a wall over a turret and it'll decide to deconstruct the turret to make room.

Corner walls are buildable and mineable from the inner corner. Vanilla allowed frames and smoothed walls to be mined, ?!? So now blueprints and rock/ore are workable too.

Smarter Construction mod make it so the corner wall is built first and won't get blocked to begin with.


This doesn't need a new save, but this will affect saves of course, if you have the new coolers or replacing jobs in progress. Remove those before removing the mod.


Compatibility issues:

I guess you can paint things with this mod

QualityBuilder doesn't use the minimum quality setting when replacing building material - it won't re-build to get a better quality. That being said, it can still restrict building to skilled builders only.

Don't use Better Coolers/Better Vents. It breaks replacing walls with doors. It only adds the same over-wall coolers anyway.

ED's Reverse Cycle Coolers changes the vanilla Cooler and re-writes a bunch of code so it's 100% not compatible with other mods.


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