ResearchPowl for RimWorld

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Author: Owlchemist

Size (unpacked): 0.303 MB

Updated: Dec 10 @ 1:11am

Tags: Mod 1.4

This is a 1.4 update for ResearchPal - Forked.

As its current author appears to be MIA for nearly a year now, I wasn't sure they were planning on updating this anytime soon. Regardless on if they update it, though, I did have some ideas of my own to spin into this mod, so I figure I'd give it a silly name and all that fun stuff to get a foundation to work off of.

Changes in this fork
This fork started out as just a simple 1.4 update. Below is a list of changes I'm tracking as they trickle in:

  • Code optimizations, allowing the tree to generate around 20% faster. It also uses a new fastGUI library to improve rendering while viewing it.
  • Fixes text being clipped off.
  • Configurable scroll wheel behavior.
  • If a tech level cap from another mod is not being recognized, you can now cap it yourself in the mod options via an override.

Filling this list out as they come in:
  • Q. How do I devmode insta-finish research?
    Enable god mode and ctrl+click a node to unlock.

  • Q. The research seems too spread out.
    Some default mod settings have changed between this version and the mod it was forked off of. You can tinker with the mod options a bit to change the layout how you'd like (notably disable tech tier splitting to tighten it up).