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Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Hats and Rags

1.0 (06/08/2021): ReleaseVanilla Ideology Expanded is a mini-series of mods aimed at expanding the content in ideology - be it memes, relics and symbols or icons alike.This mod introduces many new headgear types and one new outfit type for your ideological pawns. No longer you will be limited by the

Size: 1.032 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 21 Oct @ 3:30am
XML Extensions

Read the wiki at the GitHub page to learn more.Read the change notes for the latest news.XML Extensions is a framework and modding tool that is focused on extending the general functionality of XML mods. This framework adds many more patch operations, allows for the easy creation of mod settings in

Size: 0.521 MB Author: Imranfish Updated: Nov 6 @ 9:52pm
Vanilla Animals Expanded — Caves

1.1.0 (10/06/2022): 1.4 UpdateCaves is one of the biomes we have never covered or even considered covering before, but here we are! With this mod, you can tame powerful cave bears, collect colorful blind salamanders, run away from insectoid hulks, bond with incredibly agile and dangerous wyrms, get

Size: 2.360 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 19 Nov @ 7:04am
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Architect

See change notes for details.This module is a part of Vanilla Furniture Expanded which can be downloaded below.Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Architect has been on my mind for a very long time. I always download every single mod adding new floors or fences, but I quickly become buried under all the ne

Size: 17.531 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 20 Oct @ 4:17am
Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Memes and Structures

Vanilla Ideology Expanded is a mini-series of mods aimed at expanding the content in ideology - be it memes, relics and symbols or icons alike.The goal of the Memes and Structures mod is to add unique memes, and… well, structures to your game. For some reason certain obvious choices like Shinto, T

Size: 32.170 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 9 Dec @ 6:14am
Vanilla Outposts Expanded

See change notesVanilla Outposts Expanded can be described as an incredibly Lite version of mods like Saakra’s Empire. Players will be able to form a caravan and travel to a location on the world map, where they can set up different kinds of outposts, towns and camps. Each of these location will y

Size: 0.987 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: Nov 3 @ 1:09pm
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Pirates

See change notesOne faction that always felt a little bit 'un-expanded' in vanilla RimWorld is the pirate faction. They feel more like evil outlanders than anything unique, and they don't really threaten late game colonies, nor do they provide engaging content in any way, shape or form. It always an

Size: 17.422 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: Dec 18 @ 2:51pm
Geological Landforms

Adds 32 landforms to the game, which generate biome-independently.The goal of this mod is to make map generation more interesting and varied, compared to the vanilla experience of simply potentially having either a cliff or a coast on one edge of your map.Some of the landforms significantly affect

Size: 4.364 MB Author: m00nl1ght Updated: 15 Oct @ 6:39am

DescriptionThis is my frameworks mod, contains code that can be used by others but mainly for use for my own mods.FeaturesCustom multi-tiled door functionality Much like Jecrells doors expanded but using regular door functionality for vanilla compatibility.aquatic plants and other typesFireplace dir

Size: 0.183 MB Author: LimeTreeSnake Updated: Dec 26 @ 10:42am
Vanilla Psycasts Expanded

Check change notes.Vanilla Psycasts Expanded is potentially our Magnum Opus, a greatest, most exquisite, complex and visually stunning mod up to date. As always, it started with us simply not being satisfied with how Psycasts ended up being in Royalty DLC. This resulted in us wanting to expand on th

Size: 90.688 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: Dec 18 @ 5:58am
Machines of War

The mod is fully compatible with Biotech DLC. All three mechs are able to be gestated within the large mech gestator after researching high mechtech. GitHub: the mechanoid threat terrorizing the Rim with new powerful additions.14.11.2022- Cicada's abil

Size: 2.500 MB Author: Elseud Updated: Dec 1 @ 10:17am
Laptop Battery Status

Shows your laptop battery status in the game, hopefully this will help you save before you run out of power. Changes color based on laptop percent batterypower left, limits configurable in the mod-settings. There are options for colors based on if the battery is currently charging or is already full

Size: 0.074 MB Author: Mlie Updated: Nov 6 @ 1:44pm
Diagonal Walls 2

Adds diagonal walls, floors, and misc objects.The sequel to Diagonal Walls:Easier to use!Works better with vanilla walls!Less weird edges cases!Now with floors, sandbags, & power cables!Available on GitHub here!WallsThis mod adds several different kinds of wall tiles. By mixing and matching thes

Size: 1.775 MB Author: Roughrider Updated: Nov 10 @ 10:24pm
Ready Those Guns

Between shots a manned mortar has a cooldown-time that only ticks down when a shooter is still manning it.This mod adds a job similar to the turret rearming-job but for readying mannable mortar-like turrets.Pawns will reload and ready mortars as a job under hauling. This means that hopefully your mo

Size: 0.081 MB Author: Mlie Updated: Oct 18 @ 1:38pm
Biomes! Prehistoric

Changelog: Check change notes tabBiomes! Prehistoric brings to life a plethora of prehistoric plants and animals (mostly dinosaurs), with over 100 different species of prehistoric creature, we fill each and every biome with new plants and animals, even more with Biomes! Islands! Each and every vanil

Size: 202.865 MB Author: Draegon1993 Updated: Dec 21 @ 9:37am
VFEM - Machines of War Addon

Elseud's Machines of War, but they're on your side!Requires both VFE:M and Machines of War for assets.Statistically similar to EL:MOW's mechanoids.Research is Spacer, since they use charge weapons.(Cicada sadly does not screech.. but maybe that's for the best?)

Size: 1.600 MB Author: Bonible Updated: Oct 27 @ 7:38am
Varied Body Sizes

This mod adds some new settings to rimworld. It allows you to individually set a customized size range for all pawns and animal sizes. This change is strictly cosmetic and alters no other statistics of the pawn or animal.You can also enable functional changes as well. By enabling "Also modify actual

Size: 0.231 MB Author: Mlie Updated: Dec 9 @ 11:09am
More Persona Traits

A mod that adds more than 100 new persona weapon traits for persona weapons with custom code effects, adds a handful of other additions & QoL features relating to persona weapons and provides documentation for modders to create their own traits.Persona (formally bladelink) weapons and their trai

Size: 2.413 MB Author: Arquebus Updated: Dec 10 @ 4:30am
Lag Free Torches and More

A successor to Lag Free Lamps by NECEROS and Infinite Torches by okradonkey.This mod removes the need to refuel light sources so you don't have a ridiculous number of ticking objects in game. Heat sources and fueled production benches are left untouched. Save game compatible with addition and remova

Size: 2.675 MB Author: Jsin0 Updated: Dec 25 @ 8:58am
Extinguish Refuelables

Designate campfires and torches to be snuffed out without deconstructing. Why might you want to do that? To save on fuel, to stop rain from wasting fuel, to put an end to deconstructing a light source you intend to rebuild, whatever you like. Other buildings must be patched to work with this, they'l

Size: 22.469 MB Author: An Ol' Spicy Keychain Updated: Oct 21 @ 6:19pm