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[1.3] Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Rainforest

From 1.4 on, these animal modules are deprecated and are now part of Vanilla Animals ExpandedAfter having my first Spaceship launch in the tropical rainforest biome, I have noticed it actually didn’t feel as tropical as I would like it to feel. Monkeys, tortoises, an elephant here and there, it do

Size: 2.156 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 14 Jul, 2021 @ 12:47pm
[1.3] Vanilla Animals Expanded — Tropical Swamp

From 1.4 on, these animal modules are deprecated and are now part of Vanilla Animals ExpandedTropical swamp never really had this “oh, this zone is dangerous” feel. It felt just like any other swamp. This very module, albeit only adding 3 new animals, is our way to remedy this. Alligators and An

Size: 2.503 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 14 Jul, 2021 @ 12:47pm
Save Our Ship 2

This mod serves as a comprehensive overhaul of spaceflight. Build an orbital fortress, explore the wreckage of ancient ships, battle pirates - or become one - and travel back and forth between distant RimWorlds! Discover the secrets of evolving your ship's AI into a true archotech, and rule the Rim!

Size: 102.420 MB Author: Kentington Updated: 6 May @ 4:55am
Vanilla Fishing Expanded

Vanilla Fishing Expanded is a first module in a brand new mod series “Vanilla Cuisine Expanded” from the Vanilla Expanded team. With such an important mechanic missing from the base game, Oskar and Sarg have decided to introduce a way to catch fish in your local water sources, adding a bit of pu

Size: 2.877 MB Author: Sarg Bjornson Updated: 9 Nov @ 3:07am
Vanilla Events Expanded

See changenotes.After playing the game for a long amount of time, you’re not really looking forward to events anymore - they become boring. We have decided to come up with a reason to once again get excited when a colourful pop-up shows up in the right corner of your screen. Vanilla Events Expande

Size: 1.958 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 21 Oct @ 5:08am
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Farming

1.2.0 (21/02/2021):- Sprinkler effect no longer stack- Sprinkler no longer boost plant in hydroponic (they still boost planter box)- Sprinkler no longer boost trees1.1.1 (08/04/2020): Fixed Animal feeder not appearing in the correct tab. Sprinkler no longer blocks wind.1.1.0 (21/02/2020): - Sprinkle

Size: 2.101 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 29 Oct @ 12:51pm
[1.3] Vanilla Animals Expanded — Australia

From 1.4 on, these animal modules are deprecated and are now part of Vanilla Animals ExpandedAustralia is currently suffering a terrible crisis, and our team believes that we need to do everything in our power to spread the awareness. 24 people have died due to the insane bushfires so far - with thr

Size: 1.421 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 14 Jul, 2021 @ 12:43pm
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Art

1.2 (29/08/2020): Fixed laggy hologram code. This mod now requires our framework.1.1.1 (14/08/2020): Fixed the issue with pottery display radius for meditation, Added decorative plant pots.This module is a part of Vanilla Furniture Expanded which can be downloaded below. Vanilla Furniture Expanded i

Size: 2.328 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 20 Oct @ 4:18am
Vanilla Weapons Expanded - Laser

This mod is currently CE compatible.1.3.0 (04/07/2020): This mod now requires Vanilla Expanded Framework.1.2.0 (03/08/2020): See change notes. Balance changes marked with green and red on weapon cards below.According to Vanilla RimWorld lore primer, "Human-usable laser weapons" are a part of this un

Size: 1.000 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: Oct 23 @ 6:16am
CM Color Coded Mood Bar [1.1+]

CM Color Coded Mood Bar Color code each pawn's mood bar within the colonist bar based on their current mood. Red: extreme mental break threshold Orange: major mental break threshold Yellow: minor mental break threshold Gray: neutral mood Light Blue: content Green: happyExtra Features:

Size: 3.899 MB Author: CrashM Updated: 4 Dec @ 4:14am
Quarry [Adopted]

Quarry for collecting rocks and resources in flat terrain.[RimWorld 1.0+]Please note that the original source and mod was cuproPanda's Quarry for B18Forked from Symons' Quarry for R1.0Mineable Items Chunks (only the types available under where the quarry was built)Most vanilla and modded mineable it

Size: 10.310 MB Author: Ogliss Updated: 3 Nov @ 6:05am

This mod contains the C# library Harmony for all RimWorld mods. Harmony is a library that is used by many mods. In RimWorld 1.x or older the library was included inside C# mods and there was no need to load it as a separate mod. However, RimWorld versions after 1.x changed that and including it in e

Size: 0.991 MB Author: Brrainz Updated: Oct 5 @ 2:41pm
Damage Indicators [1.4]

A simple QoL mod that shows the damage taken.Original mod ( ) made by spdskatr, updated to Rimworld 1.4.Updates :20/10/2022- Update for Rimworld 1.422/07/2021- Update for Rimworld 1.315/03/2020- Fix loading of settings- Add new setting

Size: 0.519 MB Author: CaesarV5 Updated: 20 Oct @ 2:40pm
Vanilla Textures Expanded

1.6.0 (16/07/2020): Updated to 1.3. Honestly, we added so many textures (including almost a full retexture of Royalty) I'm not going to bother.1.5.0 (11/10/2020): Added faction icons in HQ.1.4.0 (04/09/2020): Added various new textures:Snowmen, Flatscreen TV, Unfinished apparel, Unfinished Scultpure

Size: 21.043 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 21 Oct @ 5:06am
Vanilla Expanded Framework

Vanilla Expanded Framework incorporates a multitude of functionalities for different mods in order for us to boost performance by not duplicating code across several mods. Examples of shared functionality include custom base generation code with an amazing building export tool, customisable sieges,

Size: 6.505 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: Dec 18 @ 5:56am
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval

See the Change NotesAfter all the mods we have already created, it was finally time to retouch the vanilla factions. I was always a big fan of Rimsenal (other mods are available), but I personally never found it quite fitting. The game however was in dire need of new faction mods, hence we decided t

Size: 9.193 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 7 Nov @ 9:09am
Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer Module

1.0.1 (01/04/2020): - Fixed Ultrascreen TV room/job issue, pawns now use it- Fixed null error coming from interactive table1.0.0 (20/03/2020): ReleaseThis module is a part of Vanilla Furniture Expanded which can be downloaded below.Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Spacer module adds several new pieces o

Size: 1.216 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 20 Oct @ 6:41am
Project RimFactory Revived

INFO I (zymex) are currently taking a break from RW, i will propably be back at some poins as always, but until then Sn1p3rr3c0n are main bug fixer and maintainer of this mod.Just as i did when spdsktr left it, its truly amazing how this mod can keep living by new ppl keeping it up to date, love u

Size: 52.482 MB Author: zyMex Updated: Nov 23 @ 6:37am
Biomes! Core

Biomes! Core provides the framework for the Biomes! mod series and is required for any Biomes! mods to work. Place this mod BEFORE any other Biomes! mods! This mod does and will contain the things that will be a feature across all the biomes. In addition, this mod contains core functionality availab

Size: 19.715 MB Author: Draegon1993 Updated: Nov 12 @ 1:57pm
Vanilla Factions Expanded - Settlers

1.2.0 (28/04/2021): Caravan raid size now capped at half wealth value of your colony.1.1.8 (02/10/2020): - Chemlamp can now be properly placed on top of table, dresser...- Protection fee request now take into account colony wealth- Saloon doors now open quicker than normal doors- Caravan raid is now

Size: 11.391 MB Author: Oskar Potocki Updated: 10 Nov @ 1:16pm