Actual Stellar Systems for Stellaris

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Author: T145

Size (unpacked): 558.209 MB

Updated: 26 Jan @ 4:15pm

Tags: Fixes Graphics Galaxy Generation Gameplay Events Balance

An educated effort to bring more realism to the Stellaris experience! 🌌

The primary goal of this mod is to provide more realism to Stellaris without compromising core game mechanics. It focuses on adjusting star systems, their components, and user interface elements related to them. Everything detailed here and in the guide is mostly planned as the mod is in beta to give players time to test the features, give feedback, and perhaps make adjustments to other mods. Please reference the "Change Notes" tab to learn which features are currently implemented. Screenshots will be updated as more features get added!

Project Scope

To clarify, this project is meant to edit entire star systems, what they contain, how they look, and galaxy generation with the purpose to promote more realism without changing vanilla too much. The following are viable to edit:

  • Solar systems
    • Map generation
    • Unique/special systems
    • Ship behaviour
    • Stars
      • Modifiers
      • Deposits
    • Planets, Asteroids, & Habitable Structures
  • Galactic Fauna
  • Megastructures
    • Ruined Megas
      • Generation
      • Reconstruction

Any out-of-scope items may be applied to elements in the suitable scope, but never in a way that hurts vanilla mechanics or other mods. An example would be a custom species and shipset for the Nomads.


Because Steam doesn't like a big ASS description.

  • To the mod developers of credited mods!
  • @quetzatcoatl: For being an artist of the people!
  • @corsairmarks: For advice on how solar system and hyperlane sizes are determined.
  • @Dragon Farocity: Who I stole borrowed the heading style from.
  • @Sir Rolin: For advice on making optimal events.

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