Additional Traits for Stellaris

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Author: Granhyt

Size (unpacked): 0.498 MB

Updated: 10 Dec, 2022 @ 4:13am

Tags: Overhaul Gameplay Species

Stellaris is a game with infinite possibilities and an infinite potential.
So why not start by adding more species traits to your game, for a more diverse galaxy ?
This allow you different options and more varied handicaps .. and advantages.
One of the objectives of this mod is to provide a balanced assortment of traits, fitting as much for multiplayer as well as singleplayer.

Last update :
The trait window, when you modify a species ingame, is now bigger and can accomodate at least 150 traits. You should be able to combinate Additional Traits with other mods more easily, this way.

Have fun playing with this mod and remember to give us feedback, so we can balance this mod better and faster.

Content :

You can find the full list here.

The traits added in-game by Additional Traits are :
- Organics
21 Handicaps
24 Avantages

- Presapients
5 traits

- Robotics
7 Handicaps
4 Avantages

The traits marked by a * are using an event which check at game start, when you modify your species and once a year that your main species still possess the trait. These traits apply to the whole empire.
Hateful, Violent, Aggressive, Extremely Aggressive, Competitive, Belligerent and Sociable traits gives opinion modifiers, like Charismatic and Repugnant does.

Future versions may integrate more traits. Don't hesitate to propose your ideas, we are always interested.
The forum discussion and the direct download link for the mods can be found here.
Additional Traits : Before the Apocalypse : 1.9.1 version of the mod, for those who want to play before the Cherryh/Apocalypse update.
Additional Traits : Niven : 2.1 version of the mod, for those which liked tiles on their planets.
Additional Traits : Wolfe : 2.3 version of the mod, before the new launcher.

Languages :

This mod have currently translations in :
- English
- French
- Russian
- Polish
- German
- Portuguese -incomplete
- Spanish
- Chinese
We're looking for translators. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Compabilities :

This mod overwrite the files 02_species_traits_basic_characteristics.txt, 03_species_traits_presapients.txt, 04_species_traits.txt and 05_species_traits_robotic.txt
This mod is included in Rtt Russian Localization modpack.
Compatibility with "Expanded Traits, Civics, Pops and More" mod by relytor

Contributors :

Graphics : Meltup, Machinekng, Dskod1

Coding : Granhyt, Black_Imperator, TehT, Sriseru, Gerishnakov, Anitachall

Translators :
English : Ophidian
French : Granhyt
Polish : Kazmyl
German : Aqua, EselNase, XeNoN, Noobier
Portuguese : Chariman Isaac Buell, Aranha Maluco
Spanish : OBV, Valgarv
Russian : God Of Hyperdeath, Arikotomoshi, Resident-tt
Chinese : Anold_GH

Special thanks to Meltup of his help, providing these great new icons, his constant ideas, advices, feedback. Special thanks also to black_imperator for his help getting these events working, his explanations, and the impressive compilation of effects, modifiers and the like.
Thanks to Dracarys47 for the opinion modifiers explanation.
And of course, thank to everyone for their inputs, ideas, advices and feedback.
If we forgot someone, just ask us to correct it. :)

Free use :

Any/All parts of this may be used by anyone else for any reason, as long as it is in compliance with the Rules for User Made Mods and Edits of PDS games. If you do use any part of this mod, please give us credit where applying.‚Äč
Feedback and ideas are really appreciated. So thank you in advance.