Additional Vanilla Components for Stellaris

Here you can download Additional Vanilla Components mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Sam_

Size (unpacked): 2.371 MB

Updated: 26 Apr, 2021 @ 1:22pm

Tags: Spaceships Technologies Military Balance

This mod adds 57 new components to extend the vanilla component tree, with the aim of doubling the number of components and technologies in a way that is vanilla friendly. Simply the same components in the base game, times two. It adds additional tiers beyond what the base game has, now with 10 tiers of shields, reactors and armor.

Most component sets have been doubled, except Jump Drives which have 5 tiers. The tech cost for each technology in this mod increases exponentially, instead of linearly as the base game does, making the final 10th tier a significant task to research even during end game.

If you play Stellaris like me, you always go for a technological ascendancy, producing as much research as possible. That means by the start of mid-game you have reached the final tier of reactors or shields and you will spend the rest of the game watching the more primitive empires catch up to you. In reality a highly advanced society focused on technology would continue to advance without limits.

With this mod you can continue to advance until end game, way beyond the capabilities of even the Fallen Empires.

  • Adds 57 new components
  • Adds 57 new technologies

This mod makes no changes to vanilla files. Only mods that add additional ship sizes will have compatibility issues.

Built-in Compatibility


Known Issues
  • Ship Auto Upgrading does not working correctly with the components in this mod. You need to manually replace the final tier of vanilla components with the first tier of components from this mod before standard upgrade behaviour resumes.
  • An update to the base game has changed how ship sizes are implemented. Built-in compatibility that this mod uses creates a bug where all computers are available to all sizes. The solution to this is pending.

  • Russian - By Holo

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