Advanced Weapons (2.2+, Alpha) for Stellaris

Here you can download Advanced Weapons (2.2+, Alpha) mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Will pick sniper

Size (unpacked): 3.104 MB

Updated: 16 Dec, 2018 @ 7:18pm

Tags: Technologies Military

Latest Changes

Yes, it will work with NSC nicely.

(12//16/18) Update.

1. Well, it is ready for 2.2.... kinda.
2. Right now, missiles/torpedo and some other weapons' prices and upkeep are not properly adjusted, thus you will find them too cheap thus overpowered. Will fix them hopefully soon.

(05/22/18) Update.

1. Right now I just updated version number so it won't show warning. But I still need to test this new patch and new DLC.

(03/10/18) Update.

1. Balance change : Space Amoeba are buffed.

(03/06/18) Update.

1. Removed Morph tech as requirement for Biological Warfare tech. It turned out Paradox made Unlifting tech (which is requirement for Morth tech) never appears if you don't have any pre-sapient species within your empire, and it turns out... this screws stuffs quite a bit. For compensate the chance of appearance of Biological Warfare tech is a bit lowered.

(03/06/18) Update.

First part of missile update is finally done. First to show are Crystaline-based weapons.

1.Adds Crystaline Shard missiles (4 variants) Very high damaging, with the last one comparable with Adv. PPC (now you can go non-lasers for the end-game if you like.)

Yes, they are back to the game (they were available as energy weapons during 1.0~1.3 era but Paradox removed them eventually as researchable weapons), not as normal energy weapons, but as missiles.

2.Adds Cluster torpedoes which have some tracking power compared to normal torpedoes.

3.Adds Crystaline Shard Torpedoes, ignores all shield and 60% of armor (the reason why this is not full 100% is that otherwise these torpedoes won't sync well with other weapons. Back to vanilla 1.0-old problem where you were forced to go full torpedo or didn't.

(02/26/18) Update.

1. Added custom PPC firing sound. So how many people are going to notice this?

Available compatibility patches for other mods. Too bad TONS of mods are actually not updated for 2.0...

-Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules :

*I HIGHLY recommend to use Advanced Ship Behaviour Modules mod (no, despite "Advanced" word I did not write that mod.) This solves a lot of problems regarding ship balance and formation. It is highly recommended to use the compatibility I provided to fully benefit from ASBM.

About this mod

For longer and grand games, this mod adds several advanced weapons.

1. New powerful X-Large energy lances for your battleships and bigger ones (3 variants + 1 Titan Beam variant.)
-Very hard-hitting lances with some tracking. Some later tier lances have some strict requirements to obtain.

2. Twin-linked Autocannons for little ships and twin-linked Kinetic Artillery cannons for broadside ships (3 variants each.)
-Both are reasonably powerful, requiring a lot of minerals but low power. They are not great at piercing armor just like their vanilla brothers.

3. A powerful, long-ranged Aegis point defense system (3 variants.)
-Very long range point defense system may can take care of entire fleet's range, but at higher cost and power.

4. 6 sets of new Space Amoeba strikecrafts, including both bomber and fighter variants (6 sets.)
-Fast and powerful when strikecraft AI is un-bugged. :P

-Last two tier Amoebas are immune to vanilla strikecraft countermeasures thanks to shield. You may want to bring some flaks and/or Aegis point defense.

5. A powerful all-around energy cannon, Particle Projector Cannon. (3 variants.)
-From nearly dead Sci-Fi franchise!

-Command your mech warriors.... I mean, ships to kill your targets with these slow-firing, accurate and deadly long-ranged energy/kinetic hybrid.

-Just be warned, they have (some say, significant) minimum range that have to be considered... Well, just like Battletech really (tho none of PC games actually implemented this min range properly.)

6. New Gauss Flak cannons, and its upgraded Psi and Sentient AI variants for Spiritualist and Materalist factions.

7. New, but rather boring three variants of mass accelerators. They do have decent stats and increased range.... that's it really. But you will find them much easier to obtain and far less time consuming compared to high level lances. Good choice if you are unlucky with lances.

1. Crystaline Shard missiles (4 variants) Very high damaging, with the last one comparable with Adv. PPC.

2. Cluster torpedoes which have some tracking power compared to normal torpedoes.

3. Crystaline Shard Torpedoes (4 variants), ignores all shield and 60% of armor. They are extremely powerful end-game torpedoes.


Q: Do AIs use these weapons?
A: Yes. they do.

Q: Does Fallen Empire use these weapons?
A: No. It is intentional to make this mod compatible with other mods. Otherwise I have to override a lot of stuffs, which cause a lot of problems.

Q: How about crisis?
A: No. And this is even more tricky because the codings and the engine of this game are quite glitchy for crisis in general. This is one of the reasons why you won't trouble even if you have researched Annihilator Lance, despite the fact it is labeled as a dangerous technology (for now.)

Q: Hey, <insert the weapon's name here> is overpowered!
A: Yes, or no. No one knows. Notice my weapons are usually expensive and require a lot of power.

Q: Does this mod require any DLCs?
A: No.

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(FINALLY, some worthy foe to test these advanced weapons! This is one of the most original mods available.)

These first three mods are absolutely recommended.

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1. German translation provided by a user SotS
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2. Russian translation, provided by <(PeGaS)>
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