Ancient Empire 1.7 for Stellaris

Here you can download Ancient Empire 1.7 mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: AetherGhost

Size (unpacked): 1,977.685 MB

Updated: 20 Jan @ 5:52am

Tags: Graphics Gameplay Spaceships Events Ships

Ancient Empire Mod is a event mod that contains a series of brand new events and a set of special ship models.

Mod Contents:
8 long event chains:
1, Primitive civilizations: some strange primitive civilizations distributed in galaxies, their history is related to a long-dead high-tech alien civilization.
2, Beta Area: It used to be an ancient psionic research base, and now there are still several space stations of the ancient civilization orbiting a ring world.
3, Gamma Area: A damaged giant space station and a ring world full of ancient production facilities are located in this empty area, some of which are still functioning.
4, Delta Area: An engineering experiment base of the ancient civilization. Many remains from experiments are still scattered around the long-abandoned ring world.
5, Epsilon Area: An empty area guarded by several defensive platform groups. At its center is an ancient space station covered by a shield, surrounded by a ring world and some strange structures.
6, Zeta Area: An isolated area where a powerful ancient weapon is stored, and the defensive system around the broken ring world is still protecting the things under the shield.
7, Eta Area: A destroyed ancient transportation hub with a functioning gateway.
8, Wanderer: An ancient ship that was launched into the galaxy beyond our galaxy a long time ago. It has a powerful defense system that depends on other structures in the galaxy.
Some shorter event chains and anomalies.
A special enclave.
A new shipset support NSC.
New event UI.
Chinese, English.
Other languages are in English.
This Mod minimizes the modification of the vanilla content, and the modified content will be listed in the Mod directory.