Atlantis empire for Stellaris

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Author: Alice

Size (unpacked): 628.878 MB

Updated: 19 Dec, 2022 @ 11:30pm

Tags: Gameplay Total Conversion

Updated for 3.5.3

Original mod:

====================================Origin mod description=============================================================================
As a new district was added it's advised to play this mod with Ui overhaul or something comparable!

“Our empire.. in ruins.. our city.. sunken beneath the oceans and yet we are unbroken. We have turned to new powers and will reclaim what is ours and take our place amongst the stars. With the titans at our back… the galaxy shall fear us and the humans should know our name. We are the Atlanteans. Forsaken by Poseidon but gifted by the Titans we will find our glorious path.”

Enjoy the following features!
A unique Cityscape and Shipset, that has something for all megastructures!
A unique species with animated portraits and unique clothes
A unique homesystem with a fitting related origin.
A namelist and a flag are included
Unique playstyles and civics and traits. Precursor Themed and yet vanilla!.
Unique robots fitting those ancient and glorious people!
Inbuilt compability for gigastructures, planetary diversity, Acot.
Important Playstyle informations.:
Ofc you are free only to take portraits and ships and don’t use the civics and origins at all! They cannot occur randomly.
Atlanteans are precursors. They usually do not work themselves and automated work is provided by their buildings or “Enigmatic Infrastructure”.
Enigmatic Infrastrucutre can be built via a decision, and provides you automated work. The infrastructure is “intelligent” the more mining districts you build the more minerals it will produce etc. It will, just like your facilities, adjust to technological advancements and population growth.

Atlantean Facilities are unique buildings which produce automatically more the more your tech advances. Beware, an “intelligent” infrastructure brings its own difficulties and issues!

The Atlanteans have a unique playstyle which is built around the idea of worshipping one of the three titans. Each of them have different challenges and aspects. Gaia is the easiest one, Oranos medium and Kronos is the most difficult one. The unique factions added to it, give you a rough idea about their demands. Beware, Kronos is a titan of war and destruction. Staying too long at peace can result in destroyed planets.

Each titan, has a special way of generating Favour. Favour grants you boons if accumulated plentily. Kronos generates favour from destroying ships. Oranos from megastructures and Gaia from Sancturaries and Xenos which are put in life keeping reservates.
You are free not to take any titan, but then you won’t get the benefits connected to them.

New content Update! Information!.:
The titanic Cluster Atlanteans start now in their own cluster connected by a titangate that can be opened and closed via a policy!
The Cosmic Choice Atlanteans can now decide to give all titans equal respect to have a neutral playstyle.
Less Juggernauts Ringworld and habitat model has been reworked.
More clothes Females have now more female clothing and some new hair!
More titanic glory Choosing a major titan comes with more benefits than before to compensate for the neutral path.
Titanic Rift With the new titanic riftworld, followers of oranous may transcend the bonds of reality with this insane new megastrucutre. (Use carefully. Can be placed very freely so place at your own risk.)
The titanic realms and how to get them:
The titanic Realms Atlanteans got their own shroud now which can be accessed after taking the “Purity of Ascenson” Ascension perk.(requires mind over matter and transcendence) It will disable the shroud and instead give you the Titanic Realms which offers boons and unique components as well as various benefits. The big Gaia planet can now only be unlocked through an event in the titanic realms. Beware that Favour is needed. Favour now determines how often you can visit the realms which is possible up to every five years. They pop up automatically.

Known Issues.:
I did not find out why yet, but if you build a ringworld, build ringworld section B first and then the rest. Otherwise it might give a graphical bug. I am still trying to find a fix for that.
Special Thanks to:

To the creator of the greek namelist! that really helped me out!
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