Crisis - Galactic Bio Hazard for Stellaris

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Author: ぷれ

Size (unpacked): 6.287 MB

Updated: 16 Jan @ 4:28am

Tags: Events

Crisis - Galactic Bio Hazard

MODJAM2022 Mid Game Crises
Contain and deal with the virus of fear that leads to the death of the galaxy and life, contain a relic of its great origins and prosperity!

  • A long story event with a mysterious virus and an ancient pioneer
  • Let's investigate the remains of the pioneers of long ago. What exactly are their ruins?
  • The galactic community can work together to establish a Galactic Health Organization (GHO) to fight the virus! You can fight infection throughout the galaxy through a variety of resolutions.
  • Changing Viruses - The mysterious virus is apparently not a naturally occurring biological entity. ...... And apparently it is far more dangerous and troublesome than we thought.
  • Certain disaster and death. There is no mercy in our crisis!

  • たけのこ
  • 爆雷
  • ヒアルロン大陸
  • みら
  • Na3PO4+Li3N
  • SnTree1