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Author: corsairmarks

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Updated: 9 Jan @ 11:28pm

Tags: Gameplay Events Species Economy

Ever been disappointed at all the wasted robots when you conquer or integrate a Machine Intelligence? This mod is for you! Now you can de-assimilate the Machine Units into Robots once you have discovered the Positronic AI technology.

This mod also features an enhancement for machine empires - robot Pops also gain bonus trait picks and points from the machine-boosting relevant technologies and traditions. Thus robot Pops will be just as useful as machine Pops to machine empires.

New with the mod update for Stellaris version 3.6 "Orion," completing the Synthetic Evolution special project creates the initial Synthetic species with robotic traits similar to your organic species. For example, Industrious is converted to Power Drills.

Adds the "Machine Dissociation" assimilation living standard for Machine Unit Pops. Coupled with an override of the "Assimilation" citizenship and related events, this enables you to convert machines into robots as a regular, non-gestalt empire (as long as you have Positronic AI).

An event window will display when you have Positronic AI and communications with a Machine Intelligence to tell you that machine deassimilation is available.

Overrides the robomodding series of technologies for machine empires (Machine Template System, Binary Motivators, and Nanite Assemblers), the Synthetic Age tradition, and the Solid State Actuators tradition to grant both machine and robot trait picks/points.

Built for Stellaris version 3.6 "Orion." Not compatible with achievements.

This mod has to alter a number of built-in files and objects to implement its gameplay. Here's a list of of what is preempted/overridden and why:
  • Event action.64 - assimilation setup event, altered to allow machine deassimilation
  • Event action.65 - main assimilation event, altered to use less duplicate code and pass two variables to its effect calls - the current number of assimilated Pops and the total number allowed for the year
  • Event utopia.2551 - Synthetic Evolution, altered to not change synthetic leaders of other species into the empire's main species (cyborgs are still fair game, however)
  • Effect assimilation_effect - main assimilation logic (called by action.65), altered so that deassimilated machines are not converted into the synthetic species for fully synthetic empires, also code de-duped
  • Citizenship citizenship_assimilation - Assimilation, altered to allow machines to be deassimilated by non-gestalt empires
  • Species Population Control population_control_yes - deassimilating machines must have population controls
  • Species Population Control population_control_no - deassimilating machines are not allowed to reproduce
  • Species Colonization Control colonization_control_yes - deassimilating machines must have colonization controls
  • Species Colonization Control colonization_control_no - deassimilating machines are not allowed to colonize
  • Technology tech_robomodding_m - Machine Template System in order to grant machine empires trait points to both machines and robots
  • Technology tech_binary_motivators - Binary Motivators in order to grant machine empires trait points to both machines and robots
  • Technology tech_nanite_assemblers - Nanite Assemblers in order to grant machine empires trait points to both machines and robots
  • Tradition tr_synthetics_synthetic_age - Synthetic Age in order to grant machine empires trait picks for both machines and robots
  • Tradition tr_synthetics_solid_state_actuators - Solid State Actuators in order to grant machine empires trait points for both machines and robots
What this means to you is that this mod is not compatible with most other assimilation-altering mods. That is because its highly likely they are editing the same events and species rights.

This mod is explicitly compatible with my mod Special Leadership Privileges for Battle Thralls and Bio-Trophies despite both mods affecting full military service.

Recommended Companion Mods
  • Assimilate All the Pops allows empires to have multiple assimilation types - go forth and create those erudite, psionic cyborgs
  • Leader Traits: All Eligible Species Traits will ensure your leaders get all their species-based traits when being assimilated (such as Psionic or Erudite)
  • Leader Traits: Enhanced Randomisation improves leader trait randomisation (primarily from level up, but not exclusively) and toggles traits from the biological version to machine traits (and back) if a leader becomes a robot and/or returns to a biological form
  • Retain Leaders from Integrated Subjects will allow you to keep Machine Unit leaders from integrated machine empire subjects by converting them to robots and setting their species to deassimilation; combined with Leader Traits: All Eligible Species Traits, the leaders are converted to have synth leader traits if you have the right technology
  • corsairmarks's Leader Traits MOD Chinese patch by Hua Zhang - Chinese localisation
When to Install
This mod can be safely added to your savegame after the game has started. It is implemented through events, effects, and species rights that alter game rules without adding object definitions. If you remove it, you will keep any machine Pops that have already been converted to robots, but any remaining machine Pops will probably revert to their default "disconnected machine" purge policy. Stellaris is fairly forgiving in situations like this - it's likely that error logs would be generated and the game would otherwise ignore the missing content. Back up your savegame before trying to remove a mod.

Known Issues
This mod overwrites a number of core Stellaris game objects. Expect to see twelve errors in your error.log for many types of game object. All are necessary to implement the functionality of this mod.

See Change Notes

Source Code
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