Dynamic Political Events for Stellaris

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Author: Caligula Caesar

Size (unpacked): 48.160 MB

Updated: 30 Nov, 2022 @ 1:11am

Tags: Gameplay Events Diplomacy

Описание мода на русском языке (Russian Description)
Descrição do Mod em Português (Portuguese Description)
Chinese Version
Japanese Version

Stellaris empires lack life. It often does not feel like one is leading a stellar empire with real citizens whose opinions matter. Imagine if we (us Humans) suddenly weren’t the only species on our planet – how we get on with the others would soon be one of the big topics. Or if machines produced half our output suddenly, one could imagine it might be difficult to adjust. These societal factors are currently not represented well in Stellaris - there are the factions, but they don't have events surrounding them. This mod seeks to change this by adding a large and growing number of event chains that will bring the politics of your empire to life. Some are positive, many are negative, others are more ambiguous. They will make you make decisions, not all of which will be obvious

Storylines include:
• Various events to do with integrating alien species, including tensions between species and your attitude towards interspecies marriages.
• Events focusing on pops’ and factions’ specific demands (e.g. emancipation movements).
• Colonisation Stories – your new colonists on a planet might choose their own leader or how they wish to organise themselves.
• Establish a ruler cult to your emperor.
• Factional Revolts (an extensive chain spanning 15 years).
• Various scandals and Conspiracies.
• Events affecting interstate relations.
• And more (more than 55,000 words of text in total). See the full list of events (spoilers alert) for details.

An aim of this mod is to make your empire’s ethics more important to the game. So, naturally, some events are more likely to happen if you have a certain ethic (or can only come then). Your choices are also determined by them – for instance, many events have a “Kill. Them. All.” option that is only available to certain empires like fanatic purifiers and fanatic authoritarians. I didn’t want to be too restrictive, though – most of the time, any ethic but egalitarian can choose to oppress pops that protest about stuff. As part of the mod, ethic pulls have been rebalanced a bit. The gist is that now if your empire does well, it is better at keeping control of ethics, but if it doesn’t or its pops are displeased, it does worse (more so than in Vanilla). Also, if groups of pops of the same ethic are present on a planet, it will be harder to get rid of them, so opposition will clump – something which is important for factional revolts (and realistic).

Balance: This mod is made to work together with Potent Rebellions 2.0 (same creator :D ). It is highly recommended that you use that mod with this one, as it makes a lot of the events in this mod more likely to come up – and more dangerous (as the name suggests, rebellions are more potent in it!). That said, you can certainly play this mod without it.

Bugs: Please report anything that seems weird or is a bug.

-This mod will not conflict or even overlap with any of the other event mods that we know of, including the More Events Mod
-Factional revolts will not happen with non-Vanilla factions.
-Many of our events elicit reactions from factions. Obviously, this won’t happen for non-Vanilla factions.
-We have no idea what will happen if you run this with STNH.

-Russian (75%) - CBeTou, Dalarin
-Portuguese (95%) - Berenoi
-French (40%) - Aven, Mikado
-German (25%) - Caligula Caesar, Morindil, SpaceDundee, Ryan/Cooper
-Chinese - shishic
-Japanese - Mikaduki

All not-yet translated stuff will display in English so as not to break localisations. If anyone wants to help with translations, let us know!

-I have had no events yet. Assuming you are not playing as a gestalt, bear in mind that the events in this mod are randomly triggered depending on various conditions. It is possible to have many occur or none.
-Savegame compatibility? Yes, so far as we know.
-Are there events for Gestalt Consciousnesses in this mod? Almost none, they simply have no politics.
-Achievement Compatibility? No (few mods are).
-Does this AI get these events? Yes.

The Future: We consider this mod to be complete as it is. Current commitments mean that we are unlikely to add to it, but I will continue to fix bugs as they arise and maintain compatibility with Vanilla updates when needed. If you want to contact me, the sure-fire way is to ping me somewhere on the Stellaris Modding Den: