Expanded Events for Stellaris

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Author: Tovius

Size (unpacked): 4.203 MB

Updated: 20 Jan @ 9:11pm

Tags: Gameplay Events Anomaly Anomalies

Required mods: !!Universal Modifier Patch (3.6.*)
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

Adds more events, anomalies, and dig sites into the game.
I would recommend that you use this alongside More Events Mod.

Feature List

More primitive events
- Religious (designed to compliment those in More Events Mod)
- Political (some can influence the civics and government they get when they enter the space age)
- Primitives can discover you watching them, various events
- Primitive worlds get random names again
Primitives will generally move through earlier ages more slowly and later ages more quickly

New colony events
- More Subterranean Civilization events
- Dimensional Portal and other follow-up events
- Rare chance to discover presapient on a new colony
- Blocker and deposit related events
- Crime events

New country events
- Help the Dathnak protect their worlds from attack
- Damaged Ecosystem on Homeworld
- United Nations of Earth search for their missing colonists
- Lost Colony events
- Panspermia event chain for non-human, non-machine empires
- Ancient Observation Post event chain for non-humans
- Citizens react to living with Xenos for the first time
- Resident Xenos demand citizenship rights

Fallen empire Events
- New Fallen Empire requests and tasks
- Tech gifts expanded and semi-randomized
- Invading their colonies will give a one-time artifact reward

New Anomalies
- (spoilers)

Follow-up events for some existing anomalies, including:
- Events surrounding the dead alien 'death god' and the primitives who worship it
- More possible atomic clock follow-ups
- Spaceborn locusts might enter your space
- Wetwork computer follow-up
- Cunning Flora follow-up

Precursor Event Chains
- Unique precursor deposits
- Precursor anomalies are more likely to spawn on habitable worlds
- Zroni and Baol will spawn new systems if needed to continue the event chain
- Zroni and Baol home systems will have some guaranteed deposits, like other precursor systems
- Unlocking the secrets of the Vultaum (Ancient Relics) will give you the next computer ai tech (or physics research if you already have positronic ai / implants)
- Unlocking the secrets of the Zroni will give 20% progress towards zro distillation, gestalts +10% field manipulation research

Several new relics and changes to existing relics. See Relics Topic for details.

New Anomalies and Dig Sites
- (spoilers)

Dig Sites
- Some of vanilla dig sites can now be discovered in alternate ways
- Ix Belèn, can spend artifacts to acquire the Memorex as a relic (see above)
- Gas Giant Structure: Finishing allows for the construction of a Pleasure Palace (minor version of a resort world on a habitat)
- With Expanded Pops, ext, Pleasure Palace habitats give +1/+2 entertainer jobs as well
- Robot Debris: Finishing will give progress on a robot or robot modding tech, if appropriate, and will allow robots to be modded with the Battle Bot trait, giving +20% army damage and health
- The Echoes Inside: can use the worms to your advantage
- Moon Bump: Unique rewards (depending on how it ends)
- Seeds of Destruction: available to gestalts, with appropriate changes
- More general changes to other site rewards

New Origins
Convergent Evolution
Starts with 6 presapient pops
Starts with the Genome Mapping technology
Starts with the Epigenetic Triggers tech option
+25% biology research

Galactic Cradle
(Warning: Challenging Origin)
(Warning: Not recommended for multiplayer)
Start in a resource-rich but isolated cluster, connected to the rest of the galaxy by a single wormhole
Spawns unique events

Galactic Preserve
Starts with 24 pops from different species from across the galaxy
+50% habitability on homeworld

Paradise Lost
Your species used to be the bio-trophies of a rogue servitor, until the machines crashed
+10% robot job production
Homeworld is less developed, but uses the infrastructure the rogue servitor left behind
Starts with the Powered Exoskeleton and Subdermal Stimulation techs
Starts with the Pampered trait, giving -10% worker and slave happiness, +10% consumer good and amenity consumption, costs -2

Ship Graveyard
Starts with a salvaged cruiser
Starts with a ship graveyard deposit, giving alloys and engineering research
Starts with a dig site on your homeworld
With Overlords, Starts in contact with the Salvager Enclave

- Sensor Array gives forewarning about an upcoming crisis
- Some new easter egg systems for you to find
- Curators will sell you the location of a precursor project once every 14-26 years
- Shroudwalker Divinations may uncover new events

- Some colony events can repeat, when appropriate
- If the Gray Tempest conqures 20% of the galaxy, one of several random events will happen
- Anomaly-spawned ships will have all utility and auxilary slots in use
- Shield Generators give research
- Synthetic Personality Matrix tech allows machine uprising the chance to spawn as a synthetic empire instead of a machine one

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