Extended Lithoids for Stellaris

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Author: Mute

Size (unpacked): 0.410 MB

Updated: 8 Dec, 2022 @ 5:06am

Tags: Gameplay Species

Tiny mod consisting of 4 new Lithoid Traits.


Siliconoid - Increases Leader Lifespan and Minimum Habitability, Additionally +5% to Alloy Production, Army and Defensive Army Health and +5% to Pop Minerals Upkeep and -2,5% to Pop Growth and Assembly for every Lithoid Trait your Species has. "Lithoid Traits" in this context means every Trait (from this mod and vanilla) which can only be selected by Lithoid Species.

Earthen Affinity - Basic Trait which reduces Pop Minerals Upkeep and increases Rare Crystals Production

Mountain Sized - Reduces your Species Habitability Cap and increases Pop Housing and Defensive Army Damage. You gain additional bonuses based on Planet Size: Negative Effects cancelled out @ size 20 for Housing and @ 22 for Habitability Ceiling.

Radioactive - Cost Efficient Trait which gives +10% Energy Production and +10% physics research but produces Radioactive Pollution. Radiation can over time terraform your planets into tomb worlds. Additionally, this Trait adds Pollution to your Planet if you also use my Toxoids mod.

Leave your suggestions regarding Balance or more trait ideas below!

Compatibility and Patches
Doesn't overwrite any vanilla files - should be compatible with most if not all other mods.

Leave a comment or contact me if you have a translation, i'll integrate or link them here.
Currently supported:
- German
- Russian ( Special Thanks to Яна Солях! )

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Icons by Lorc and Delapouite
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