Flipping Symmetrical Flags for Stellaris

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Author: Tsundak

Size (unpacked): 6.867 MB

Updated: 30 Nov, 2022 @ 9:07am

Tags: Fixes Graphics Balance

Adds multiple versions of all the vanilla (unmodified) flags, for more variety.

There were 63 flags, there are now 224. They are well ordered, as you can see in the first picture above, easing going through them and choosing your flag.

You ever get a flag where you wished the colours were in opposite places, without you having to switch your primary & secondary empire colours? Ever get a flag you wished were rotated at a different angle? Ever get an ugly unsymmetrical flag you wished go bye-bye?

Flipped versions, swapped colour position versions, symmetrical versions, mirrored versions. We got 'em all.

Fixes 2 broken flags & makes 1 unsymmetrical symmetrical. Symmetry is cool.

Removes 5 unsymmetrical flags. Asymmetry is not cool.
Alternate version that includes these available, link below.



Other Mods

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Ironman mode compatible.

Save game compatible, BUT an empire (player or AI), that was using one of these flags, will no longer have a flag. Just a black background.

Only image files are replaced & added. No text documents touched. As this is just a graphical mod, it will always work, even if it's outdated (you can safely ignore the outdated warning in the launcher).

Compatible with all mods, BUT if you are subscribed to anything else that also replaces vanilla flags, then put Flipping Symmetrical Flags after the other mod in your load order playset. This way Flipping Symmetrical Flags will override the other mods edits of these image files.
1. Other mod that edits vanilla flags.
2. Flipping Symmetrical Flags.

Tips are appreciated :)

Have fun star travellers