Halo Collection for Stellaris

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Author: BigIron0nHisHip

Size (unpacked): 2,660.715 MB

Updated: 29 Jan @ 10:19am

Tags: Spaceships Technologies Buildings Species Leaders

A collection and patch for a variety of halo mods such as Sins of the Prophets and most of the Halo Portrait mods. Includes patches for Sins and its NSC submod.

Is NSC compatible. I don't really care if anyone does anything with this mod as it not my work. May contain some minor changes according to my own preference

! ! Disclaimer ! !

I am in no way taking credit for any of the content contained within this mod. All credit goes to the original creators who will be linked at the bottom.

Also I am not all that experienced of a modder so don't expect to much besides what the mod launches with. I just wanted to combine these mods together for ease of use and compatibility as well as some minor bug fixes.

I do not posses any dlc yet so there is no way for me to check on dlc related content

I am aware that the civilian ship's engine trails are not in the correct place. I am not experienced enough to fix it myself so if anyone wishes to make a patch go ahead.


Sotp Team:

- Sins of the Prophets


- Forerunner Ships and Potraits

- Covenant Portraits

- Banished Portraits

- UNSC Portraits

- Flood Portraits