Hypothetical Stars for Stellaris

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Author: Nouvilas

Size (unpacked): 1.758 MB

Updated: 28 Dec, 2022 @ 5:53pm

Tags: Graphics Gameplay Technologies Stars

Required mods: !!!Universal Resource Patch [2.4+]
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

Version 1.3.22 for Stellaris 3.6.x "Orion".

This is a mod sort of complimentary to either Kepler68's More Star classes, or Annatar's Real Space, that adds several new types of stars that as of now are only hypothetical and have not been detected yet.


  • 7 new types of stars (some included in binary systems):
    • Antimatter star
    • Blue dwarf star
    • Black dwarf star
    • Dark star
    • Quasi-star
    • Strange star
    • White hole
  • 6 new modifiers:
    • Q-star (for black holes)
    • Intermediate mass black hole (for black holes)
    • Population III star (for class M and K stars)
    • Thorne-Żytkow object (for red supergiants and hypergiants)
    • Quark Star (for neutron stars and pulsars)
    • Electroweak star (for neutron stars and pulsars that have the Quark Star modifier)
  • 3 new strategic resources, with their corresponding technologies:
    • Strange matter, found in strange stars.
    • Quark-gluon plasma, found in quark stars.
    • Antimatter, found in antimatter stars.
  • 3 new edicts that make use of the new strategic resources.
    • Strange matter alloys research: costs 50 strange matter, gives +25% materials research, +25% ship armour.
    • Antimatter explosives research: costs 25 antimatter, gives +25% propulsion research, +25% explosive weapons damage.
    • Quantum physics research: costs 25 quark-gluon plasma, gives +25% physics research.
  • English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian and Polish localisation. Japanese localisation patch here.


This mod should be compatible with most mods, since it doesn't overwrite any vanilla file. However, there are some mods that are known to cause issues:
  • Any mod that adds strategic resources - You'll need to also enable the Universal Resource Patch, so all of the resources are shown properly.
  • Stellar Energy - Compatibility patch by Zinogre here!
  • Real Space - Compatibility patch no longer needed.
  • Enigmatic Technologies - Might cause some graphical bugs.
  • Gigastructures - Compatibility fixed. Now both mods should work together well.
  • Unique Ascension Perks - Has separate white hole and antimatter so they show in duplicate. May make compatibility patch in the future.

This mod should also be compatible with beautification mod ! 00 Infinite Graphic I - Gorgeous Galaxy, although I cannot assure it since I haven't tested it.

If you find any bugs or problems, please let me know in the bug reports section :)

To-do list:

  • Supramassive pulsars that eventually turn into Blitzars and then Black Holes.
  • Blitzars with special anomalies to observe their collapse.
  • Enviromental effects
  • Iron Stars
  • Frozen Stars
  • Special naming system for White Holes, analogously to black holes.
  • Starting systems with the hypothetical stars.


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