IIC - Mandalorian Ships for Stellaris

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Author: Yorick

Size (unpacked): 127.988 MB

Updated: 15 Oct, 2017 @ 1:42pm

Tags: Star Wars Ships Mandalorian Ship Set KOTOR SWTOR

The Icarus Interstellar Corporation presents the Mandalorian Ship Pack!

This ship pack allows you to play with the Mandalorian Fleet from the KOTOR/SWTOR/GCW Era's

This Mod Includes 14 new ships and 2 new Strike Craft
Civilian Ships
  • D-5 Mantis Patrol Craft
  • Shaadlar-type Troopship
  • Zygerrian Constructor
  • Crusader-class Corvette
  • Krayt-class Missile Frigate
  • Vengeance-class Destroyer
  • Jehavey-type Destroyer
  • Mandalorian Strike Cruiser
  • Mandalorian Torpedo Cruiser
  • Mandalorian Carrier
  • Kyramud-type Battlecruiser
  • Lictor-class Dungeon Ship
  • Kedalbe-class Battleship
  • Kandosii-type Dreadnought
Strike Craft & Drop ships
  • Mandalorian Interceptor
  • Davaab Bomber
  • Mandalorian Wardroid
ISB Support Patch Ships
  • Mandalore-type Star Dreadnaught - [Large Kandosii]
  • Veragitor-class Titan -
  • This Addon allows the randomly generated AI to use my Ship set. They will come with a bunch of preset System, Planet and Race names.


Warb_null - for allowing me to use his models and textures

Jeroenimo - for allowing me to use his models and textures

N3bulu5 - for the Mandalorian Carrier

Farseer - Lictor-class Dungeon Ship

Bioware/EA - for the D-5 Mantis

LucasArts/Petroglyph Games - for the GCW era mandalorian models

Elratie - For teaching me alot about modding Stellaris, answering my unending stream of questions
Help Wanted

I am Currently looking for help in the following areas
  • Texture Converting and changing the color in some areas (Done in Photoshop)
  • Help with Stellaris Events/Anomalies/Quest Chains. (maybe even a crisis)
Be sure to check out Elratie's Turbo laser mod for Stellaris. It fits perfectly with this mod.

Below is an invite link to the Paradox Modding Community Discord server, where you can chat with other Paradox Modders, I'll be on there as well so feel free to ask me question there or in the comments of my mod. If you are interested then just use the below link to join the discord server.

Please also look forward to the other Icarus Interstellar Corporation Projects