Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, 4K (1/2) for Stellaris

Here you can download Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, 4K (1/2) mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

The content of the mod has been downloaded and repackaged without any changes from the original source. We are not responsible for technical problems of the game or mod, but we guarantee the absence of malicious code

Author: Dwaine

Size (unpacked): 1,952.469 MB

Updated: 22 Dec, 2018 @ 5:41am

Tags: Graphics

Required mods: Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, Clouds Immersive Galaxy - Planet Variety, 4K (2/2)
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

Cloud mod REQUIRED

This mod contains all the texture in 4K format (4096x2048 px) for those that want extra pretty in their systems. It is more demanding than the 2K mod, and you should stick to it unless you have a computer that is good enough.

Performance wise, and this only comes from observation, it is quite demanding for the HDD/SDD where steam is installed as stellaris is loading/unloading textures on the fly when entering a system, meaning anytime you enter a different system, the game dump all textures and then loads new ones, evry single time you change systems, doing it can be slow, especially for a computer with a slow HDD (such as laptops).

Cloud mod and Part 2 are required.

If your computer can't run these properly, I suggest you try out the LITE mod, which sacrifice a bit of variety for enhanced performance:

For any other information, please go to the cloud mod.

  • 2.1:
    Barren planet update:
    - 10 new barren planets
    - 10 new cold barren planets
  • 2.0:
    Major rework of the way the mod works :
    - Base has been renamed Clouds, still required for other planet variety mods to work, it is a shared dependency. (580 Mb)
    - "Uninhabitable pack" is now the "2K pack", contains ALL the textures for ALL planets in the 2K resolution. (1.62 Gb)
    - "Inhabitable pack" is now the "4K pack", contains ALL the textures for ALL planets in the 4K resolution. (2.96 Gb)
    - LITE has been reworked a bit and received the new normal maps. (650 Mb)
    - The modular packs are dropped.
    Bug fix :
    - ALL normal maps corrected (they were inverted due to openGL/Dx ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥).
    - Many specular reworked and fixed.
    - Many seams corrected.
    Optimization :
    - Removed normal maps for gas giants.
    New planets :
    - 5 new alpine planets
    - 5 new arctic planets
    - 5 new barren planets
    - 5 new desert planets
    - 5 new gaia planets
    - 15 new gas giants planets
    - 5 new molten planets
    - 5 new savannah planets
    - 5 new toxic planets
    - 5 new tundra planets
    - 4 new machine planets
    New clouds :
    - Final rework for the clouds, all of them have been hand drawn. No more procedural generation. Last time I have to do this hopefully.
  • 1.2:
    - New Toxic planets, 11 new planets added to the existing 4. (concern only uninhabitable)
    - New Shielded planets, 4 new planets added to unique one. (concern only uninhabitable)
  • 1.1:
    - Clouds cut down to 4K for diffuse, 2K for normal, and 1K for shadows (was mistakenly in 8K, should greatly improve performance).
    - Clouds texture variety down, from 35 to 15.
    - Base mod size down to 210 Mo (from 1500 Mb).
    Various :
    - Clouds entirely redone, they're more aesthetically pleasing with more transparency.
    - Tomb world variety now 10 (was 6).
    - Made some planet packs standalone (barren, cold barren, molten, gas giant & tomb).
    - Renamed textures to enhance mod compatibility.
    - Save game enabler available, to put new texture on a old save.
    - Lite version released, half the textures for less powerful computers.