Loud But Deadly for Stellaris

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Author: banjomarx

Size (unpacked): 11.566 MB

Updated: 21 Jan @ 12:23pm

Tags: Gameplay Technologies Events Military Buildings Species Economy

This mod was created for the 2022 Modjam

Did you ever hear the story of Dathnak the Annoying? I thought not, its not a crisis the Paradoxians would give you, it’s a mod legend. The Dathnak were a crisis so powerful and annoying they could use their gaseous bodies to influence the exotic gases to create resources… they had such power over the gases that they could even use them to create new weapons. The Effluvium is a pathway to powers some consider to be unbalanced. They became so powerful… the only thing they were afraid of was being defeated by the other empires, which in the end, they were. Their new and wondrous techs could be salvaged from their ships to teach the player everything they knew, then the player would be strong enough to face them. Ironic. Their tech could destroy others, but ultimately destroyed themselves

This mod brings back the most annoying event chain ever in full crisis glory! To name a few things this mod does

- Your choices matter! Either fight the Dathnak or join them! Their country type, text, attitude and opinion will depend on if/how you dealt with the Dathnak in the vanilla chain!
- 19 new obtainable techs! but no ordinary obtainment method... they all must be salvaged from Dathnak ships!
- 16 new obtainable ship components! (well technically 17 but that one is only available for <redacted>
- 8 new obtainable buildings!
- 1 new habitable planet class including 5 obtainable districts!
- 28 new jobs! 27 of which are fully obtainable by the player!
- 1 new subject specialist type obtainable by the player... should they seek to <redacted>... even adds a new special <redacted> design!
- A new species class/archetype, the Dathnak that uses energy and exotic gases as upkeep! Not only that, they're capable of using both biological and lithoid traits!
- A powerful crisis, this isn't even its final form?!

Created by Banjomarx and Bread (Bread made excellent icons and stuff, I hope you all enjoy them!)