Much More Galaxies for Stellaris

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Author: Mal'Dun

Size (unpacked): 1.114 MB

Updated: 11 Jan @ 12:18pm

Tags: Galaxy Generation

Much More Galaxies

Provides more Galaxies for Stellaris. Supports Galaxy sizes from 25-2500 and adds 24 new galaxy shapes. This mod does not alter the appearance in any way! (Some of the shots are in Vanilla as you may notice)

The following shapes are added (in alpahbetical order; see also Screenshots above):

  • Barred Spiral (SBa and SBc types
  • Clusters (2,3**, 4*, 6 & 8**)
  • Cross
  • Disk**
  • Dragon Tail*
  • Fan (3 & 4)
  • Gear
  • Irregular (Type 1,2* & 3)
  • Snowflake (4 & 6)
  • Square
*) inspired by More Natural Looking Galaxies
**) inspired by Galaxy Shapes

Version V 0.0.2

Compatibility: This mod does nothing fancy just adds scenarios and shapes. (It overwrites map/galaxy/galaxy_shapes.txt and adds files to map/setup_scenarios). No graphical or other things involved, so it should
be compatible with nearly every other mod)


Thumbnail: copyright by David Dayag (Wiki commons license; source accessed on 11.01.2023)

This mod draws inspiration (and some settings) from nature and:

More Natural Looking Galaxies
Bigger Sliders
Galaxy Shapes

Definitely check them out especially if you want bigger Galaxy sizes or Graphical improvements! I don't support more than 2.5k because a 10k Galaxy only is good for the memes as most PCs will have trouble with them in
more recent versions of Stellaris.

Btw: if you like how the Galaxies looks check out my Fireworks mod or the original Pinwheel Galaxy mod by Agami