Night Elf Kaldorei Empire for Stellaris

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Author: Alice

Size (unpacked): 863.869 MB

Updated: 30 Dec, 2022 @ 3:21am

Tags: Gameplay Spaceships

3.6.*✔️; English✔️

Original mod:

====================================Origin mod description=============================================================================
Well i finally decided to bring back one most favorite race of all time to stellaris! This time better and brighter than before!

Enjoy the following features!

A unique ship and cityset, fitting to the glory of the Kaldorei Empire! The shipset is in silver and has something for all megastructures!

A unique home system fitting to the inhabitants of the Kaldorei Empire!!

Balanced traits, and civics, giving it a unique playing experience to play as the glorious elven nation. (of course you are free to play without them :P )
There is one balanced Playstyle and one Precursor Themed Playstile, "Arcane Precursor" gives you special technologies and components. While "Arcane Empire" is the normal playstyle. Just apply what you need!

A namelist and a flag are included

enjoy unique coloured particles for the vanilla weapons if you use the Kaldorei shipset! (optical only)

Unique sounds for the Kaldorei in the diplomacy screen!

Unique robot portraits for the Kaldoreii! The infamous arcane constructs are at your command now! Fully animated!

Special Thanks to:

Chirumiru/Perawatz for allowing me to use sound effects and allowing me to edit some weapon particles for this mod!

AnemoneMeer for localisation fixes and adjustments

Arcane precursor changes:

Arcane Precursors now generate arcane power wich they are dependant on. Next to the well of eternity, arcane power can be generated with an Arcane Sanctum and the Leyline Districts it unlocks.

Your empire is dependant on arcane power so keep good track of it.

A new arcane systemward has been added.. ready to protect entire solar systems.

Casting spells is planned, i wanted to get the update quickly out though.

Most Pops in arcane precursors are now devided into 3 categories: Highborne, Lowborne, Foreigners. Foreigners have low living standards and reduced unhappiness. Highborne will always require arcane power.
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