(-NSC2 Season 7-) for Stellaris

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Author: CaptainX3

Size (unpacked): 73.101 MB

Updated: 23 Dec, 2022 @ 6:00pm

Tags: Gameplay Spaceships Technologies

Required mods: UI Overhaul Dynamic
These mods are required for the current mod to work correctly.

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December 23, 2022 - Season 7, Episode 1: A New Dawn
Update 9 - Mod Version 7.1.9
  • Fixed the vanilla reactor power levels for Defense Platforms, Stations, and Fortresses. They were WAY overpowered. NOTE: Check your defenses in your ongoing games and make sure they still have enough power after this update, this was a major reduction in numbers.

  • Actually added the proper file to allow Frigates to access NSC2 reactors. (I did fix it in the last update, I just forgot to add the file to the mod upload for some reason LOL)

  • Added the tech requirements for Defense Stations and Fortresses, they are no longer available from game start.

  • Added access to the name lists for Defense Stations & Fortresses.

  • Added access for Defense Stations & Fortresses for NSC2 weapons & components as appropriate.

  • Reverted the Platform/Station/Fortress slot sizes back to vanilla values (1/2/3) which will allow players to use other mods that increase defense slots effectively. Below are the new numbers of defenses you can build for each starbase level:
    • Outpost: 3 Platforms / 1 Station / 1 Fortress
    • Satrport: 6 Platforms / 3 Stations / 2 Fortresses
    • Starhold: 9 Platforms / 4 Stations / 3 Fortresses
    • Star Fortress: 12 Platforms / 6 Stations / 4 Fortresses
    • Citadel: 15 Platforms / 7 Stations / 5 Fortresses
    • Grand Citadel: 30 Platforms / 15 Stations / 10 Fortresses
    • Solar Stronghold: 60 Platforms / 30 Stations / 20 Fortresses
  • Added an NSC2 special slot to the Frigate class.

  • Changed NSC2 starbase weapons to have a 360 degree firing arc.

December 17, 2022 - Season 7, Episode 1: A New Dawn
Update 8 - Mod Version 7.1.8
  • Before I list the update changes, I want to note to everyone that my full time job is an over-the-road truck driver in the USA. This job prevents me from always being able to get online and prevents me from doing updates as soon as I'd like. I will always try to do bugfixes as much as I can, however sometimes there will be delays when I don't have time or internet access. Please be patient during these times. The best way to let me know of issues and keep track of what we're doing and what we already know is on the NSC2 Discord.

  • Fixed a huge number of bugs and incorrect stats in the ship sizes file. The bugs were caused when the NSC2 ship sizes file was accidentally replaced with the vanilla version during a differential check. That's what caused stations and fortresses to disappear, incorrect stats on ships and stations, and a mess of other issues.

  • Fixed an issue where late game Plantoid ships were massive in size.

  • Adjusted the hitpoints of most starbase levels a bit higher.

  • Adjusted the platform/station/fortress slot costs to be 5/10/20 respectively.

  • All starbase levels will now finish construction in 360 days, to prevent an overflow bug we had before with longer build times.

  • The Frigate class now has access to NSC2 reactors.

December 10, 2022 - Season 7, Episode 1: A New Dawn
Update 7 - Mod Version 7.1.7
  • Fixed a bug where starbases did not have the correct numbers of building and module slots.

  • Fixed a bug where NSC2 reactors were not showing up for Defense Stations and Fortresses

  • Fixed a bug where the Cruiser class still had its old vanilla sections shown in the ship designer.

  • Fixed localisation errosr with a few NSC2 techs.

  • Fixed a bug where there were 6 "ghost" unusuable utility slots on one of the Defense Station sections (there should only be 6 total.)

If the above steps don't work to solve your issue, the best way to get assistance is to open a Support Ticket on the NSC2 Discord here: https://discord.gg/Jg6Ajvuh6j

To report a bug with the mod, you can file a new Bug Report on the NSC2 Discord here: https://discord.gg/GRRk3vT3M4

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