Origins Expanded for Stellaris

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Author: NoHackToday

Size (unpacked): 8.068 MB

Updated: 2 Dec, 2022 @ 6:33am

Tags: Galaxy Generation Gameplay

Compatible with Stellaris 3.6 but should work with previous version too.

Have you ever felt like there was not enough origins? Tired of choosing Prosperous Unification again and again? Maybe you feel like roleplay takes a hit because default origins are very limited and you want a wider panel of choices.

- Add 37 new origins to the game.


Wave of refugees:
As this species was about to embark on its first interstellar flight, massive ships seemingly devoid of weapons appeared in the sky. Very soon after they landed on the planet and millions of aliens emerged from the ships. Add 6 pop of a chosen species.

Near extinction:
As this civilization was about to colonize space an unknown alien race invaded this planet. After a few years of war, the different countries united, they eventually regained ground and exterminated the last invaders. The majority of this species was decimated, and the infrastructure destroyed. Start with 10 pops but some technologies unlocked.

Early Colonization:
Before the discovery of hyperdrive technology, this civilization sent generational spaceships to two other systems to colonize their habitable planets.

All addons have been created to integrate harmoniously with the base origins but also to avoid any incompatibility.

Latest Update
  • 6 New Origins
  • Added corrections and improvement to localisation
  • Fix the Machine Uprising pop not spawning properly
  • Fix Rogue Colony AI origin
  • New Icons for origins and planet modifier

Planned Features
  • New origins
  • Offer more choice in "Ancient Civilization" origin and add small events to diversify gameplay
  • Add events to "Overcrowded" origins when inspiration strikes.
  • Complexify "Wave of Refugees" event chain.
  • Find a solution so that the message of discovery of extraterrestrial life does not appear when picking the origin "Wave of Refugees"
  • Find a way to have random portrait for the ancients in "Ancients Civilization" or at least have a chance to see others and avoid redondancy

  • Should be compatible with every other mods as it does not alter any base game files.
  • Not Ironman/Achievement compatible

If you have any suggestions regarding the balance of origins or adding a new origin, please let me know.
Note: My modding skills are limited some suggestions might be beyond my reach.

Features artwork from various authors such as Wang Rui, Infinitecog, Furio Tedeshi, Nathan Boyd, Seven-teenth, Sergey Vasnev and Leej, credits goes to them.

Origin Ideas:
"Disharmonious Unity" : ArcaneGamer
"Unpopular Resort" : OptimusPrimordial
"Choosen Protectors" : Silversmith
"Massive Homeworld" : PedroMortic
"Uplift Mania" : Kashino

If you wish to translate the mod, I will be happy to add it to the files and credit you.

English: Done
Portuguese: Done by PedroMortic
French: Almost Complete
Russian: Incomplete
Japanese: Done by Rio_Mizuhoshi

Mods :
Extended Galaxy Sizes Add a bunch of galaxy sizes generation for you to choose.