Origins Extended for Stellaris

Here you can download Origins Extended mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

The content of the mod has been downloaded and repackaged without any changes from the original source. We are not responsible for technical problems of the game or mod, but we guarantee the absence of malicious code


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Updated: 13 Dec, 2022 @ 1:26pm

Tags: Gameplay Species Empire Origins Federations QUENTOPOLIS

Updated and working with Stellaris version 3.6 ("Orion" update).

  • 27 brand new, custom origins, with periodic updates adding more!
  • Special event chains with digsites, research projects, and in-depth lore and stories for many of the origins.
  • Unique traits, events, and starting systems for many of the origins.
  • Support for multiple languages, with updates to localizations.
  • In-depth guide of all of the origins and event chains, with a list of frequently asked questions, known issues, and resources for contributing, found here.

See the guide to read the FAQs and list of known issues, and an in-depth walkthrough of all of the origins (sporadically updated).

Supported Languages
These languages are currently supported by the mod natively or available as/in separate mods:
Native / Default
up to date ✔
French / Français
⚠ out of date (since 1.4.0
Spanish / Español
Exuluhr, updated version by Alexander
⚠ out of date (since 1.4.0
Russian / Pусский
up to date ✔
Simplified Chinese / 中文
谔订, updated version by Lunar Traveller
⚠ out of date (since 1.4.0)
Japanese / 日本
German / Deutsch
up to date ✔

If you wish to contribute a translation, feel free to reach out and check out the guide.

Other Versions
The following other version of the mod are available:
  • Less-restricted version for enhanced compatibility and reduced origin requirements, available here.
  • Roll-back compatible version with Stellaris 2.8 ("Butler" update), available here.
  • Roll-back compatible version with Stellaris 3.3 ("Libra" update), available here.

See this discussion if you have found a bug or other problem to report.

Original mod made by QUENTOPOLIS, with story and events help by ErylisX. Lovely starting text and story design by Robinxen. Extra thanks to Avi and Kae for testing, graphics, and other general help. Further thanks to Jakeman for testing and ideas.

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