Planetary Diversity - Shroud Worlds for Stellaris

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Author: Gatekeeper

Size (unpacked): 35.871 MB

Updated: 27 Dec, 2022 @ 1:43pm

Tags: Galaxy Generation Balance

Stellaris: 3.6.*

This is an add-on for Planetary Diversity.
This is not a stand-alone mod, it will not work without Planetary Diversity.

This sub-mod adds up to 4 planets to the total number of planets in galaxy generation
1-4. Adds a special Shroud World that has been touched by one of the four patrons.

This adds Shroud Worlds, and if you have the More Arcologies sub-mod then it also adds special Shrouded Arcologies.

Shroud Worlds
These are twisted Gaia worlds meant for those who have transcended and while they have all the same bonuses they also have more crime as these worlds are at the edge of two dimensions. They can be created once you have the Transcendence AP, you terraform them by using Zro instead of energy.

Pre-Existing Shroud Worlds
There are up to 4 (scaled with galaxy size) shroud worlds you can find in your game, each having been dedicated to one of the patrons of the shroud (the end of the cycle does not have a world for what I hope are obvious reasons). Each has a little story and its own bonuses/drawbacks.

Shroud Origin
Think of this like a dark mirror of a gaia world/life seeders origin, low habitability on other world, no neighbor planets.

Please Note:
At this point there is not a Shrouded Version of the Necropolis, this was a choice as the Necro Civics don't interact with the Shroud, plus their temple districts kind of are at odds with each other so it wouldn't work super well.

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