Psionics Tri-Expanded for Stellaris

Here you can download Psionics Tri-Expanded mod for Stellaris. Its full description is below. Visit our blog to find out how to install the mod.

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Author: Cephalon Sithalo

Size (unpacked): 141.244 MB

Updated: 28 Jan @ 9:38am

Tags: Fixes Overhaul

A continuation of Psionic Re-Expanded created by MightNight & Disafae.
Using the base of Psionics Re-Re-Expanded done by Sumrex in their continuation of the mod.
I present my take on it with Psionics Tri-Expanded by me.

Friendly Reminders!
This mod does not, repeat, does not, require you to go down the Psionic Ascension Path. Infact you can use this mod and get bonuses from the other Ascension Paths just the same.
Machines and Hive can also enjoy this mod!

Accessing Psiocracy Projects
To get started in Psiocracy you must first research PsionicTheory or if Machine or Hive Gestalt you must research one of the provided modded techs. If machine you must first have Self Aware Logic and if Hive you must first have Epigenetic Triggers. After you research one of those 3 things then you must wait 8-10 years and an event will happen giving you the project. Completing the project will give you 1 of 3 special civics based on your ethic/civic choices and 1 civic based on your authority.

If you select the Origin, you will start on a shrouded world with the first level of Psiocracy already completed as well as one of the Psionic Theory technologies depending on if you are Normal/Machine/Hive.

Once you have finished the first project you will have a chance to draw the Expanded Psionic Theory technology.
3-5 years after you have researched that, you will get a second Project to improve the effects of the first one. This usually means doubling the civics provided stats.

After you have finished the second project you can claim the Psionic Ascension.. um.. ascension perk. This will instantly give you access to the 3rd special project to further increase the effects.

And finally, for now, 8-10 years after you have completed both the 3rd project as well as have one of the vanilla ascension tradition paths completed, you will gain access to project 4 which will provide the final civic stat increases.

One final thing to note on the matter of Psiocratic Stuff. The first event that gives you the project is split into two. One for the player and one for the AI. The player one just gets access to the project and its up to them if they wish to go down the route or not.
The one designed for AI uses a 30/70 random list. on 30 it gives them the project and they can continue down the same path. On 70 nothing happens and thats it. So in your universes not every race that researches the technologies will actually embrace the technology.

A thing to note if you are a fan of the original. I know I certainly am. But I have made a large number of changes to how the Psiocratic Authority is handled. Indeed its why this has taken so long in the first place.

1-No longer is there a new Authority but instead a similar effect is applied via civics. This makes it compatible with any Authority unique features such as Megacorps and any modded authorties.
2-No longer will you loose all your original civics and be unable to add/remove any civics or change Authorities.
3-Gestalts can enjoy the various Psionic Features added by this mod.

You can enshroud and deshroud Ecuminopoli, Machine, Hive, Habitat & Ringworlds. Reducing the effect orbital bombardment has on them, preventing invasion and increasing government ethic attraction. Shrouded Habitats also have more district/building space because space magic.

Psionic Entities are no longer immortal (unless machine/synthetic) however they are decently long lived. They also spawn in the pool younger and start with an extra level. Once stage 4 is reached they live even longer and start off younger still while also spawning with a 2 extra levels.

Once you reach the various stages of the new Psiocratic system, leaders will gain 1 new trait with it growing in effects depending on the current stage of Psiocracy.

Machines/Hives need to research Self Aware Logic/Epigentic Triggers before their version of Psionic Theory can show up.