Real Galaxy for Stellaris

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Author: Annatar

Size (unpacked): 117.947 MB

Updated: 4 Nov, 2021 @ 8:55am

Tags: Graphics Overhaul

Real Galaxy v 1.0

This standalone mod was created based on the galaxy model used in the optional Real Space - Color out of Deep mod. I was really asked to make the galaxy look like a separate mod and now you can use it independently of other Real Space mods.

This mod changes the appearance of the galaxy, making it more realistic and three-dimensional. With this mod, you will experience the huge scale of the stellar space, consisting of a billion worlds.

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Russian Names by Annatar

  • This mod supports achievements;
  • This mod is not compatible with other mods that change the appearance of the galaxy, such as Pinwheel Galaxy and Quadrant Fixed.;
  • This mod can be used without Real Space;
  • I recommend using Light Borders and Softer Hyperlines (by author Pinwheel Galaxy)with this mod.

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