! Sartek Tradition - Ascension Perk Merger for Stellaris

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Author: ArutamSartek

Size (unpacked): 1.522 MB

Updated: 10 Jan @ 8:17pm

Tags: Fixes Gameplay Balance Economy

Stellaris 3.6.* /// In appreciation of these mods' enormous creative prowess, I wanted to make a mod that improves compatibility (even for future updates) for traditions or ascension perks that any of the mods below may use, as well as merging effects and flavor text whenever vanilla ascension perks or traditions overlap.

Recommended Mod List:
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It also accomplishes the following:
  • Adds global flags to certain ascension perks so the mod can account for missing optional mods, allowing you to tailor your mod list to your liking.
  • Adds a menu (either an edict or with Dynamic Menu Mod) so you can change ascension perk/tradition behaviors. (Offline; Waiting for 3.6 update)
  • Effects from specific mods that have been accounted for will deactivate if the required mods are missing.
  • Combined ascension paths are now simplified effectively making Evolution, Cyborg and Psionic perks available without any need of ESAP’s “ultimate evolution” perks (these have been removed) OR without Plentiful Traditions really niche requirement of 12 ascensions, complete biogenesis tree, complete mutagenesis tree and complete cybernetics tree with “The Flesh is Weak” AP. This makes things easier for the AI and is more balanced as well.
  • Combined Ascension paths for Expanded Gestalts: Forgotten Queens, Hive minds are able to select Engineered Evolution, Life Assemblers, and Omniprescence in any order.
  • ESAP Bonus perks for Evolution (Artificial Procreation), Cyborg (A Thought in the Circuit) and Psionic (Mental Suppression) are still available and only requires that you start the vanilla perks’ appropriate tree in order to select them, these bonus perks no longer require any ESAP “ultimate evolution” perks and are no longer restricted between each other so you can select all bonus perks if you wish.
  • Planetary Diversity’s Techno-Organic Origin events still trigger when selecting Evolution ascension path. PD does not allow that this origin obtains cyborg or psionics, I left it like that until I do more testing.
  • Planetary Diversity’s Shroud-Touched Origin still works similar to Shroudwalker Ascendant.
  • AI is smarter and will prefer not to lose evolution or psionic bonuses if they selected them prior to obtaining “Synthetic Evolution” Perk as a viable option.
  • Fixed ESAP issue with duplicate government ascension perks (Executive Vigor, Transcendent Learning and Imperial Prerogative) for biological empires, gestalt consciousness and hive minds as of 3.4.
  • ESAP’s The Beautiful Bureaucracy and Great Echo (for machines) now adds 1 Unity per administrator & coordinator respectively when selecting this perk (base ESAP does not add any modifiers), Great Echo (for hive minds) is untouched and still adds 1 Unity per synapse drone.
  • Mega Corporations still have access to ESAP’s Imperial Prerogative and it just works as with any other civilizations that can activate it.
  • Low priority overrides from Gigastructural Engineering & More 3.4 are proritized (with the correct mod load order!) effectively assuring AI selects either Galactic Wonders or Master Builders more often. (I agree; these perks are powerful when using Giga)
  • Gigastructural Engineering & More 3.4 crisis related bonuses to Defender of the Galaxy still apply as well as asteroid customization points (hidden effect) with Eternal Vigilance.
  • More Events Mod adds a mid-game crisis called Vazurans, added Vazuran damage multiplier to Defenders of the Galaxy without overlapping Gigastructural’s crisis damage multipliers.
  • Plentiful Traditions’ Cybernetics tradition is now called Robotization.
  • EST’s Biogenesis tradition is now called Proliferation since Plentiful Traditions already has a Biogenesis tree.
  • After much thought and with utmost respect, Plentiful Traditions’ Faith tradition is now called Belief (dear OP, may your cat rest in peace)
  • Plentiful Traditions’ Order tradition is now called Command.
  • Plentiful Traditions’ Industry tradition is now called Materials.
  • Fixes conflict with starbase modules, static modifiers for these modules were decreased for apparently no reason in Plentiful Traditions 3.X – Extra Perks and caused starbases with no modules when used with other mods.
  • UAP events for Trascendent Learning, Executive Vigor and Eternal Vigilance still trigger.
  • Added AA's Utopian Dream compatibility and merged effects for some vanilla perks, certain megastructures still require mega-engineering to avoid conflict with gigastructures. Unlocking megastructures with some ascension perks DO require that you have Utopian Dream active (It goes ABOVE gigastructures mod if you are using both).
  • Fixed ! Reworked Advanced Ascension and ESAP compatibility, All for one, Efficient Executive and Enforce Prerogative are now available to Gestalt empires when using ESAP government ascension perks.
  • Added support for Ascension perks Broadened.
  • Simple Traditions, Industry tradition is now called Manufacturing also please refer to ! Sartek Economy District Merger Add-on for further compatibility.
  • Added compatibility for Ethics & Civics: Bug Branch.
  • "Require an empty Tradition Tree slot" restriction has been removed on all perks. (Paradox why?)
  • Bio-Psionic-Cyborgs are viable for 3.6, also Erudite (Bio ascension trait) is no longer opposite to Cybernetics and Psionic traits.
  • All new tradition trees are unlocked regardless of what ascension perks or traditions you select.

Localisation / Translation:

Prospective Updates:
  • Keep updating menu to activate/disable certain ascension perk behaviors in-game at will. (High Priority. Currently is in BETA but is functional.)
  • Biogenesis perk for food/alloy doesnt seem to work properly for lithoids, evolutionary convergence, its alloy instead of minerals for upkeep. and spaceborn doesnt properly update if your voidborn origin until you take the perks, functions like normal but doesnt display correctly.

A big shout out to @TheFlyingPotato and @mr_trousers creating DMM and @OldEnt for providing an excellent base template for the menu, plus @Pourprsn for helping me fix synthetic hives.

Any suggestions/thoughts are welcome!