Supremacy Juggernaut for Stellaris

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Author: Zhao_sj

Size (unpacked): 0.740 MB

Updated: 27 Dec, 2022 @ 4:38am

Tags: Balance

Supremacy Juggernaut
I think the Juggernaut is a mighty ship, but in the game it is a little weak. So I made this mod to make the Juggernaut closer to my expectations.

1. Default Juggernaut has 10 docks.
2. Its shield value, armor value and ship weapon damage get +50% boost.
3. The construction time of the Juggernaut is changed to 1800 days.
4. Modified its component slot:
Weapons: 2T, 4X, 4L, 4H, 2P;
Defense: 24L;
Auxiliary: 20A;
5. Add a new auxiliary component "Advanced auxiliary reactor" which can provide 1300 power and costs of 1200 alloys. It can be installed on most ships that has A slots.
It is expensive and occupies an precious A slot, but it can solve the problem of insufficient power.
6. Added a T slot weapon "Tyra cannon", which is benchmarked to Perdition Beam. Can be installed on most ships that has T slots.

Be awared:
It is not compatible with other mods that modified Juggernaut, and may overwrite each other to cause incompatibility.
If you use "Tidy tradtion 3.6" at the same time, please place this mod below to make this mod overwrite Tidy Tradition's changes.